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According to the FCC, an established business relationship is defined as a "prior or existing relationship formed by voluntary two-way communication between a person or entity and a business or residential subscriber with or without an exchange or consideration on the basis of an inquiry, application, purchase or transaction by the business or residential subscriber regarding products or services offered by such person or entity, which relationship has not been previously terminated by either party.
An established business relationship predates the enactment of the Junk Fax Prevention Act.
Do Not Fax" requests: If a recipient requests that someone stop sending unsolicited advertisements, the sender must comply promptly, even if there is an established business relationship or permission to fax.
Some states, such as Texas, have refused to recognize the established business relationship defense in private lawsuits.
It says an established business relationship is sufficient to show an individual or business has given express permission to receive unsolicited facsimile advertisements.
This is a solid account for our firm and we look forward to the newly established business relationship with American IDC and its management.
Call Advisor evaluates every call attempt, blocking all calls that would violate any DNC regulation while Gryphon Networks' Exemption Advisor simultaneously and automatically allows calls to lawful, exempt consumer numbers with whom the calling party has an established business relationship or express permission to call.
In addition to its global alliance with Trend Micro and IBM, the company has established business relationships with India-based IT services firms that include HCL Comnet Ltd (a 100 percent subsidiary of HCL Technologies), Paladion and Wipro Infotech.
Regardless of the extension, however, fax transmitters still must obtain prior express permission from fax recipients with whom they do not have established business relationships.
The lawsuit contends that in 2002, Best Buy failed to penetrate the North Texas market in the low voltage integration business due to a lack of contacts and the existence of established business relationships between many upscale homebuilders and integration companies like Powell.
The company has established business relationships with renowned academic research centres, major biotech companies and leading pharmaceuticals companies.
In the International market space, TTCM has established business relationships with customers in Singapore, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, and South Africa, and developed fruitful technical exchanges and business connections with them.