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EtBrEthidium Bromide
EtBrEndothelin Type B Receptor
EtBrEnd of Treatment Biochemical Response (gastroenterology)
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To assess the potential activity of the 13 compounds as efflux pump inhibitors, a real-time EtBr accumulation assay in a S.
29) Efflux activity was assessed by means of a fast and practical test, the Ethidium Bromide-agar Cartwheel (EtBrCW), which provides information on the capacity of each isolate to extrude EtBr from the cells by efflux, on the basis of the fluorescence emitted by cultures swabbed in EtBr-containing agar plates.
Real-time PCR results showed that after 2 months of 50 ng/mL EtBr treatment to deplete mtDNA, the ratio of mtDNA to nuclear DNA in [p.
Flow cytometry analysis clearly showed that CD significantly inhibited EtBr efflux and extended post-antibiotic effect.
1% EtBr, DNA bands were visualized in a gel documentation system (DNR, Israel).
5% agarose gel in 1x TAE buffer containing EtBr for genotyping.
Strains of the beta-lactamase positive and to be done antibiogram were incubated in LB broth containing 150 mg/mL EtBr at 37[degrees]C for 24 h [20].