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ETEXTESQD Text Evaluation and Exchange Tool
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This eminently helpful etext provides complete and quick direction for the various aspects of the research and report process.
This study used qualitative research methodology to explore students' use of a digital algebra textbook via a supported eText player (ReadHear) to learn the Algebra 1 curriculum.
This was of course well before ETexts became a widely available option from publishers.
Therefore, the goal of the KY Math Etext Project research was to conduct a case study to determine:
Internet2, publisher McGraw-Hill and digital textbooks provider Courseload announced on Wednesday implementation of an eText Pilot Trial Pack to students and faculty at five universities for the spring 2012 semester.
To access this work on the web, see the Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia Library, etext.
The Project Gutenberg Etext of Caesar's Commentaries in Latin.
Comedia barbara, texto transcrito, Project Gutenberg Europe, Fine Literature Digitaly Re-Published, EText, no 10506, Base Directory 1/0/5/0/10506, 2003 [http:// pge.
If you're looking for an eText for your PDA, look no further than skyscape.
This package offers a newer version of Courseload's e-reader and McGraw-Hill Education, a global leader of educational materials, information and solutions, provides access to their Courseload eText portfolio.
As the number of etext products expand rapidly, having enough information to help us move forward not just on instinct but with a little data in hand, seems critical,
Basically, this is the granddaddy of all etext projects.