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Clarity is key: About 80% of compliance officers agree that expressing core values in behavioral terms is an important part of the ethics and compliance process.
Millicom International Cellular AB (STO:MIC) announced on Friday that it has appointed HL Rogers as its executive vice president, chief ethics and compliance officer, effective 1 August 2016.
While a government contractor may never have its ethics and compliance program assessed by the Justice Department, it is likely to have it reviewed by the Defense Contract Audit Agency and other agencies or customers.
It's not enough for a board to be briefed on the company's ethics and compliance activities, and directors likely shouldn't receive the same training as employees.
Petry's paper cites relatively new factors affecting recent ethical failures, including the role of social media and the lagging adoption of rigorous ethics and compliance programs.
Ethics and compliance are essentially different sides of the same coin.
59% of respondents do not include suppliers in their analysis when assessing their company's own ethics and compliance risks.
It makes us proud to be ranked as a leader in ethics and compliance, especially among major global players and we look forward to growing and improving our program in the coming future.
Dow, for instance, set up a wide-ranging internal ethics and compliance program in 1998 and has contracted with several outside vendors to make sure its good intentions actually bear fruit.