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EWCPEthiopian Wolf Conservation Programme (UK)
EWCPElectronic Warfare Control Processor
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She is interested in the ecology and conservation of threatened carnivores, and coordinates Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme monitoring efforts, looking at the demography of the rare and endangered Ethiopian wolf, interactions with free-ranging dogs, and the impact of viral diseases.
Bitewa); Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme, Bale Robe, Ethiopia (J.
Since 2001, the Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme has closely monitored focal wolf packs in all 3 subpopulations.
The Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme is chiefly funded by the Born Free Foundation and the Wildlife Conservation Network.
Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme annual wolf monitoring report 2011-12.
Wolf packs in the Bale Mountains are monitored by the Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme staff on foot or horseback, using binoculars, global positioning systems, and, following the rabies control intervention strategy, radio telemetry.
The Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme implemented this trial intervention, which aimed to contain the disease within the area of the initial outbreak.
We thank all the wildlife disease, rabies, and canid experts who provided advice on the management of the rabies outbreak; members of the CDC Rabies Section, particularly Pam Yager, for their input and expertise; Jorgelina Marino for allowing us to use her base layer for the map; members of the Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme staff for their dedication and hard work, in harsh field conditions, during the rabies outbreak and vaccination; and the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Organisation and the Oromiya Rural Land and Natural Resources Administration Authority for permission to undertake conservation activities and research in Bale.
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