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EDBElectronic Brake Force Distribution (vehicle feature)
EDBEconomic Development Board (Singapore)
EDBEase of Doing Business
EDBEthylene Dibromide
EDBExport Development Bank (various locations)
EDBExecute Disable Bit (Intel Pentium Processors)
EDBEurasian Development Bank (Russia and Kazakhstan)
EDBÉvolution et Diversité Biologique (French: Evolution and Biological Diversity)
EDBEmbedded Data Base
EDBEnterprise Data Base
EDBExtended Data Base
EDBExecute Disable Bit
EDBEnvironmental Data Book
EDBEuropean Distribution Business
EDBEngineering Data Base
EDBExchange Data Base
EDBEnhanced Data Base
EDBEconomic Development Building (Georgia Tech University)
EDBEntschädigungseinrichtung Deutscher Banken GmbH (German Investor Protection Fund)
EDBEngineering Development Board
EDBEpidural Block
EDBExtensor Digitorum Brevis
EDBExtensional Database
EDBEnrollment Database
EDBÉtoile du Bugey (French rugby club)
EDBEngineering Database
EDBEnvironmental Database
EDBEstimated Date of Birth
EDBEnlèvement de Déchets Bergeron, Inc. (French: Bergeron Waste Removal, Inc.; Canada)
EDBEntente Destrousse Bouilladisse (French sports club)
EDBElectronic Data Base
EDBExternal Data Bus
EDBÉcole de Décodage Biologique (French: School of Biological Decoding)
EDBEconomic Defense Board
EDBElektronisk Data Behandling (Danish: Electronic Data Processing)
EDBEquipment Data Base
EDBEmployee Development Board
EDBEngineering Data Bank
EDBEntry Data Block (text files used with Quipu X.500 implementations)
EDBExecutive Development Board
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Ethylene dibromide poisoning homicide or suicide; JIAFM,2004:26(4).
While the ethylene dibromide tends to atomize more evenly, the tetraethyl lead may be badly distributed, resulting in lead fouling in only a few cylinders--or all cylinders in varying degrees if plug tip temperatures are under 800 degrees F.
After a little trial-and-error experimentation proved the destructiveness of chlorine, ethylene dibromide (EDB), a byproduct of bromine invented by Dow Chemical in the twenties, was selected as the scavenger of choice.
Discounting methyl bromide and ethylene dibromide, whose use is being regulated out of existence, brominated hydrocarbons will enjoy above-average growth as TBBA increases its share of the flame retardants market and compounds such as n-propyl bromide find growing use in such diverse applications as solvents, adhesives and electronics cleaning, often as a replacement for more environmentally suspect substances.
From it, we learn that the potential saving of a single life by means of OSHA's current formaldehyde-exposure standard is $72 billion, by means of the same agency's ethylene dibromide standard a mere $15.
That's when ethylene dibromide gas, used to disinfest bananas and other fruits of any hitchhiking fruit flies, was banned.