EuPCEuropean Plastics Converters
EuPCEuropean Federation of Plastic Films Producers
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Speaking on the vote, EuPC Managing Director, Alexandre Dangis, said: "We [the plastics converting industry] are disappointed that the EU institutions were not able to manage this piece of legislation in a better way.
EuPC would also advocate, as an alternative, mandatory charging practices for carrier bags by all food retailers in Europe, together with voluntary industry initiatives.
A key background factor, he said, has been the increased number of dubious "Force Majeure" declarations - which EuPC has urged its members to challenge in the courts.
The amendment, promoted by the EUPC had called for a "modified workable 'safety data sheet--recycling'" to be supplied "only where required or requested".
EuPC has set-up a project with major additive producers, compounders and masterbatch and polymer producers associations to make an inventory of converters' applications and processes and to define areas of safe use for 90-95 per cent of major applications.
After the use identification phase, EuPC will report regularly on the development of "areas of safe use", enabling converters to contact their suppliers and ensure their uses will be supported.
A Europe-wide project to A promote energy efficiency in plastics processing has been started under the co-ordination of EuPC, the European Plastics Converters association.
According to EuPC this project will have a direct impact on the sector's energy efficiency and so contribute to the EU's objective of 20 per cent energy savings by the year 2020.
EuPC, the Brussels-based trade body for plastics converters, is warning that high oil prices are threatening the recovery of the industry.
The European plastics processors 'trade body EuPC is urging the European Union to extend any aid to the automotive industry upstream to its suppliers.
In addition to the escalation of oil prices, EuPC linked the current price situation to global insecurity caused by temporary closures of refinery and petrochemical facilities in the U.