EUFOREuropean Force (EU)
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EUFOR Commander Major General Anton Waldner, Ambassador of Sweden Anders Hagelberg, BiH Security Minister Dragan MektiA, Chair of the Coordinating Committee for the Implementation of UN Resolution 1325 "Women, Peace and Security" Samra FilipoviA-HadA3/4iabdiA, NATO Commander in BiH Brigadier General Robert Huston and Deputy Head of EU Delegation to BiH Khaldoun Sinno.
The commemoration took place at Butmir Camp Memorial Park in the attendance of General Major Johann Luif, EUFOR Commander in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dejana Svraka, leader of the 17th rotation of the Medical Team of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia, contributing to the EUFOR ALTEA Operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, all senior national representatives in the EUFOR Contingent in Bosnia and Herzegovina, representatives of the EUFOR administration in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the representative of the Embassy of the Republic of Macedonia, Dimitar Mitrevski.
Hence, initially a general description of peacekeeping operations and EUFOR Mission were given.
Aa</PARA><PARA>They approved the operational plans for the CSDP EUFOR military mission and urged the acceleration of preparations to implement it.
Operation EUFOR Althea held in having two major goals: to support the efforts of Bosnia in maintaining a safe environment in the state and to provide capacity building support to the Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces.
Eufor Althea is the European Union peacekeeping mission that replaced the NATO-led force (SFOR) in 2004.
C) After discussing the facts of the EUFOR soldier's death (ref A), Serman said that all concerned parties should work to see that Sudan did not "escalate" tensions with Chad.
mission in the West African country does not have any armed military police, and that it relies on local police and a European Union peacekeeping force, EUFOR, for escorts.
But the EU did not develop a coherent strategy, and by proclaiming progress where it has not been achieved, the EU weakened not only its own influence in the country, but also the Office of the High Representative (OHR) and the international military presence (the European Union Force, Eufor, which succeeded NATO) the drivers of progress in Bosnia since Dayton.
In light of negative public perceptions of France, the EUFOR may not be popular with Chadians.
In 2004, Lt Gen Leaky was appointed as commander of EUFOR, the European Union peacekeeping force that replaces the NATO-led SFOR in Bosnia in December 2004, having served in the role of Director General of Army Training and Recruiting.
Eufor is responsible for safeguarding peace following the inter-ethnic war of 1992-95, in which about 250,000 people died.