Euro-ToquesEuropean Community of Chefs
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Tanya Pravchanova, deputy chairperson of Euro-Toques Bulgaria, was quoted as saying "if we cook ordinary pork, and at some point the meat starts to smell like fish, then we wonder how this meat has been produced."
According to Euro-Toques Bulgaria, this did not immediately mean the meat was genetically modified, BNT said, but it "does not exclude fact that a large part of our food is not what it is advertised to be."
Cooks from any type of establishment can now enter the Young Chefs of the Year competition, in association with Euro-toques.
Euro-toques, a group representing almost 200 of our top foodies, blamed the blandness on the rearing of pigs on crowded farms.
Euro-toques boss Feargal O'Donnell said: "What our chefs have told us is that most of the pork available is bland and uninteresting and many of them don't feature it on their menu at all, as people don't seem to want it."
A MEMBER of the highly regarded Euro-Toques organization, Oppenhagen has under his belt a master's degree in Culinary Arts at the International Chef and Hotel Management School at Copenhagen, Denmark.
As well as setting up Ballymaloe, she was a founder member of Euro-Toques International, the European community of cooks, and ran an Irish restaurant in Paris.