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EUROCONTROLEuropean Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation (European organisation for Air Traffic Management; Brussels, Belgium)
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The agreement has a long and obscure title: "Final act of the diplomatic conference on the Protocol on the Accession of the European Community to the Eurocontrol International Convention relating to co-operation for the Safety of Air Navigation of 13 December 1960, as variously amended and as consolidated by the protocol of 27 June 1997.
According to the Monthly Network Operations Report, issued recently by Eurocontrol, the European Organisation for the safety of air navigation, the top delay location is Sabiha GE[micro]kcen airport, in the Asian side of Istanbul, followed by the air control centres in the French city of Brest, alongside Maastricht and Athens.
Since the crash, the Ukrainian authorities have informed Eurocontrol of the closure of routes from the ground to unlimited (altitude) in Eastern Ukraine," a Eurocontrol statement said.
EUROCONTROL director Brenner confirmed the achievements in the modernization of Bulgariaas air traffic management system over the last few years, stressing on the modernized route network and improved quality of service.
After the consultation period, Eurocontrol will prepare a final report for the Commission - it is expected in early September - which the latter will use to draft definitive proposals that will be adopted by the end of 2013.
We selected EIZO because they went beyond fulfilling minimal technical requirements, offering a monitor that provides low energy consumption and outstanding visual capability," according to Jose Seixo from EUROCONTROL.
Recent reductions in the accident rate and improvements in overall safety can be attributed to safety enhancements made possible by digital technology such as FDM, ACAS and TAWS, although in recent years it appears that the accident rate has levelled out, EUROCONTROL said.
The E-Helpdesk is said to be the main tool through which EUROCONTROL can support aircraft operators and flight handling agents with slot-related matters, extensions and ATFCM issues.
Eurocontrol coordinates and plans air traffic control for all of Europe.
However, as the crisis stretched into its second and then third day, the social media effort at EUROCONTROL, as well as at other aviation organizations, took on another dimension.
GFI), a wholly owned subsidiary of Eurocontrol, is responsible for the design and technical support to the consortium.
Eurocontrol Technics Inc( Eurocontrol) (TSX VENTURE: EUO), a Canada-based technology company, has completed the acquisition of the issued and outstanding common shares of Israel-based Xenemetrix Ltd.