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EUROMILEuropean Organisation of Military Associations
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The experienced activist for the rights of military personnel also advised the Turkish initiative to go beyond reporting and try to set up an association of ex-conscripts, strive for the appointment of independent counselors, seek contacts with politicians and associations of reserve officers and get in touch with EUROMIL which has easy access to the CoE institutions and could help push for an honest and timely completion of the aforementioned questionnaire by the Turkish government.
EUROMIL Workshop: Challenges of European Soldiers in the Field: The Human Factor in Modem Military Missions, Paris, Oct.
Pratt & Whitney`s main partners in Russia are the Ilyushin Design Bureau, Kazan Helicopter Plant, Euromil Consortium and the Salut aviation firm.
EUROMIL was founded in 1972 and is a conglomerate of more than 42 associations from over 24 EU countries representing approximately 500,000 military members.