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EuropaBioEuropean Association for Bioindustries
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Raising the profile for innovative biotech companies in Europe, both collectively and individually, offers the opportunity to demonstrate the enormous potential of our entrepreneurs in this sector, added Tom Saylor, Chairman of the EuropaBio SME Platform.
In a letter to EU commission president Jose Manuel Barroso, Willy De Greef, secretary general of EuropaBio, said: "Biotechnology provides an essential toolbox of solutions in the task of mitigating and adapting to the impacts of climate change.
This regulation is unjustified claims Nathalie Moll of EuropaBio, the European biotech association.
The World Congress is hosted by the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), the American Chemical Society, the National Agricultural Biotechnology Council, the European Federation of Biotechnology, BIOTECanada and EuropaBIO.
The Toronto harbour was the site of the Third Annual World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioprocessing in July 2006, co-organized by The Chemical Institute of Canada (CIC), Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), American Chemical Society (ACS), BIOTECanada, National Agricultural Biotechnology Council, EuropaBio, and the Agri-Food Innovation Forum.
BIO joined forces with BIOTECanada, EuropaBio, and the Japan Bioindustry Association to form a loose global network in 1998: the Global Industry Coalition.
Simon Barber director of the Plant Biotechnology Unit at EuropaBio, said the report seemed to suggest that "some things today (in the EU's GMO policy) are not as they seem".
The conference brought stakeholders together from across Europe, including MEPs, Angelika Tritscher of the World Health Organisation, Anne Sergeant of the US Environmental Protection Agency, Geoffery Podger of the European Food Safety Authority, Simon Barber of EuropaBio, Eric Gall of Greenpeace and Ann Bartolini of consumer group BEUC.
The directive at last leads the way to establishing a more rigorous and coherent framework for the regulation and market supervision of biotechnology in Europe," commented EuropaBio, a biotechnology industry group.
However, EuropaBio, a biotech industry association, said the amendments would have increased insurance costs drastically.
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