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EMIElectromagnetic Interference
EMIEmergency Management Institute
EMIEuropean Monetary Institute
EMIExpérience de Mort Imminente (French: Near Death Experience)
EMIEngineering Mechanics Institute (American Society of Civil Engineers)
EMIElectromagnetic Induction
EMIEducational Media International (journal; Taylor & Francis)
EMIÉcole des Métiers de l'Information (French: Trade School of Information)
EMIEuropean Movement International (lobbying group)
EMIEvent Management International (various locations)
EMIEstimador Mensual Industrial (Spanish: Industrial Monthly Estimator)
EMIExperiments in Musical Intelligence
EMIExternal Machine Interface
EMIElectro Magnetic Interference
EMIEnhanced Multilayer Image
EMIExperiments in Musical Intelligence (software)
EMIElectrical and Musical Industries (EMI record company)
EMIEnhanced Multilayer Software Image (Cisco)
EMIÉcole de Musique Intercommunale (French music school)
EMIExperimental Musical Instruments (magazine)
EMIEmergency Management Issues
EMIEcole Mohammadia d'Ingénieurs (Morocco)
EMIEquated Monthly Installment
EMIEmirates Media Inc. (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
EMIEngineering, Manufacturing and Industrial (industry sector)
EMIEagle Materials, Inc. (Dallas, TX)
EMIExternal Memory Interface
EMIElectromagnetic Immunity
EMIEscape from Monkey Island (LucasArts computer game)
EMIEmerging Markets Index (HSBC)
EMIElderly Mentally Infirm (UK)
EMIEarthquakes and Megacities Initiative
EMIEmployment Market Information (India)
EMIEquipment Manufacturers Institute
EMIEnergy Markets International (various locations)
EMIEqual Monthly Installments (finance/business)
EMIElderly Mentally Ill
EMIExtended Market Index (finance)
EMIExternal Machine Interface (SMS - Protocol)
EMIExchange Message Interface (Bellcore)
EMIEntraide Missionnaire Internationale (French: Mutual International Missionary)
EMIExtra Military Instruction
EMIEducation Market Intelligence (British Council Services for International Marketing; UK)
EMIEnglish as the Medium of Instruction (Hong Kong)
EMIElectronic Money Institution
EMIEcosystem Management Initiative
EMIEducable Mentally Impaired
EMIEntraide Médicale Internationale
EMIEssex Music, Inc.
EMIEnterprise Mentors International (Draper, UT)
EMIEncore Marketing International (Lanham, MD)
EMIEnter Missing Involuntary (child disappearance; NCIC form datum)
EMIEcosystem Management Incorporation
EMIEconomics, Markets, Institutions (Lucca, Italy)
EMIElectronic Message Interface
EMIÉnergie Minimale d'Inflammation (French: Minimum Ignition Energy)
EMIElectro Magnetic Influence
EMIExtramarital Intercourse (medical records)
EMIExternal Muon Identifier
EMIElectrical-Mechanical Inspection
EMIÉtanchéité Mécanique Industrielle (French: Industrial Mechanical Seal)
EMIExtrinsic Mutual Information
EMIEnterprise Management Implementation
EMIEquateur Météorologique Incliné
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During the first phase, on March 25, 1998, the Commission and the European Monetary Institute (EMI) published their reports on the so-called "convergence criteria" of the 15 member states.
To support the creation of an integrated money market and the conduct of a unified monetary policy, the European Monetary Institute (EMI) and the national central banks in the European Union are developing a new payment system, the Trans-European Automated Real-Time Gross Settlement Express Transfer (TARGET) system.
European Monetary Institute, The Single Monetary Policy in Stage Three, Specification of the Operational Framework, January 1997, Frankfurt.
In the second stage, starting in 1004, the European Monetary Institute would be set up to pave the way for the European Central Bank.
On January 1, 1994, the EMU process began as stage 2 of the Treaty provisions established the European Monetary Institute (EMI).
In fact, the European Parliament has arguably been even firmer than either the Commission or the Council in its pursuit of independent institutions: in one resolution it 'deplored' the management structure of the European Monetary Institute - the ECB's forerunner - for not doing enough to guarantee its independence from current central banks and national governments.
Two of the more specialized entries are "On the Feasibility of a One-Speed or Multi-Speed European Monetary Union," by Alberto Alesina and Vittorio Grilli, and "The Transition to European Monetary Union and the European Monetary Institute," by Jurgen von Hagen and Michele Fratianni.
Instead, they advocate keeping the wide exchange rate bands, while at the same time giving the European Monetary Institute (EMI) a key coordinating role.
Stage II (begun in January 1994) saw the establishment of the European Monetary Institute which co-ordinates co-operation between national central banks and, thus, serves as a precursor to the ECB.
It includes the establishment of a European Monetary Institute (EMI) as the forerunner of EMU and the European Central Bank.
The European Monetary Institute (EMI) has unveiled the design concepts for the euro, the new European currency.
From the moment the ECB was founded, the Protocol on the Statute of the European Monetary Institute (EMI) became obsolete: it has therefore been repealed.
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