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EULEuropean University of Lefke (est. 1990; Cyprus Science Foundation)
EULEnhanced Uplink (wireless networking)
EULEnd User Layer (Oracle Discoverer)
EULEnd User Layer
EULEnhanced Uplink
EULEnd User License
EULEnhanced Use Lease
EULEfficient Unit Load (logistics)
EULÉquipes Unionnistes Luthériennes (French Lutheran association)
EULEuropean Union Law
EULEconomic Useful Life
EULEnvironmental Unit Leader (USCG)
EULEstudantina Universitaria de Lisboa (Lisbon, Portugal students musical group)
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Germany and Romania were selected as case studies to contrast how original and newly joined members of the European Union, and different legal and business climates, established and enforced laws that harmonized with European Union law. She highlights the legal and economics concepts of the abuse of dominance, and examines the similarities and distinctive features of both law and practice between the two states.
This is the sixth, updated, edition of a text for students taking degree-level courses in European Union law. The text concentrates on materials common to such courses, covering the history and foundations of the EU's primary law; the EU's institutions, decision-making procedures, and competences, including the judiciary; internal market issues such as free movement of goods, citizenship, workers, establishment and services, the services directive, mutual recognition of qualifications, corporate establishment, and company law harmonization; competition law issues; and external relations, including the legal effects of international agreements.
In 16 papers from two workshops between 2014 and 2015 in Uppsala and Stockholm and a 2015 conference in Uppsala, scholars of law and politics review, compare, and when possible assess the performance of the early warning mechanism, reflecting upon its impact not only on European Union law making, but also within the domestic constitutional and political context.
This book develops a quantitative and qualitative analytical framework for examining social capital as a factor in why some member states comply better with European Union law than others.
Another 15 papers cover innovations in international arbitration, investor-state arbitration, the confluence of European Union law and international arbitration--both commercial and investor-state, and corporate issues.
Cultural property law and restitution; a commentary to international conventions and European Union law.
Jesse analyzes today's legal situation of immigrants from non-Member States into the European Union, looking at European Union law and the law of three selected national case studies--Belgium, Germany, and Britain--in terms of the potential for integration the laws create.
Barnard (European Union law and employment law, Trinity College, Cambridge, UK) et al.
Researchers in law, political science, and governance present 11 papers from a September 2014 workshop in Cardiff, Wales in an effort to bridge gaps that have emerged between these distinct disciplines regarding approaches to enforcing European Union law and policy.
Finally a challenge to all Brexit loving readers: Name a single European Union law or directive that has had a detrimental effect on your personal life, imposed on the UK against the objections of the British Government of the day!
They cover whether to criminalize or not to criminalize: legal and criminological approaches to the criminalization of conduct in European Union law, how to criminalize: philosophy of law and cognitive approaches to criminal legislation, and reflections and prospects on European Union criminal justice after Lisbon.
These provisions could be taken out of European Union Law and put in a Council of Europe treaty.
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