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Hollander quoted by Schwebel quotes Daniello as the first to point out that Orpheus' loss of Eurydice is "reformulated to serve Dante's farewell to Virgil, when he perceives that his 'sweet father' is no longer with him, the words 'Virgilio, Virgilio, Virgilio' paralleling Orpheus' three apostrophizing cries, 'Eurydice, Eurydice, Eurydice' (41).
In the Almond telling, Eurydice is Ella Grey, a sixth former.
So in my version, Orphee is a choreographer, and his wife, Eurydice, whom he loses, is his ballerina.
Caption: Andriana Chuchman (Eurydice) in Lyric Opera of Chicago's Orphee et Eurydice
Hades concedes-on one condition: that neither he nor the soul of Eurydice interact with each other until she crosses the boundary between his kingdom and the world of the living.
The poem begins in medias res (Oppenheimer 52, Reid 218), thus eliding the inciting incident accorded such detailed description by Ovid and Virgil in order to open upon the image of Eurydice at the hand of Hermes as Orpheus leads the way out of Hades.
Senala el Proyecto EURYDICE (2013) que la formacion del profesorado incluye normalmente un componente general y otro profesional.
The mesmerising musician, whose talent was so awe-inspiring that even gods were said to be charmed by him - takes to the underworld to bring back his beloved Eurydice.
Most recently, the mega bulk carrier MV Eurydice D called at the Magampura Port on 14th July 2014 for bunkering.
There are two after-death literary classics that one would think have been turned into theatre or opera pieces: Dante's Divine Comedy (the trilogy comprises Inferno, Purgatory, and Paradise) and the ancient myth of Orpheus and Eurydice.
The scoreboard, developed by the Eurydice network in collaboration with the Commission and an advisory group of experts, gives an initial overview of implementation of the Council's 'Youth on the move' recommendation to promote the learning mobility of young people.
Eurydice was the wife and Orpheus and whose story is set in the Underworld.