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The protostar lived within its own bubble of gas and dust, creating an evaporating gaseous globule' or EGG.
It is believed that stars are born in clouds of gas and dust which go through a stage known as an "evaporating gaseous globule" or e.g.g.
Over the next 100,000 years or so, the massive star's ultraviolet radiation washed over our nascent Sun's shrinking cloud, shaping it into fingerlike structure called an evaporating gaseous globule (or EGG).
These gas pillars are capped by oval tips, called EGGs (evaporating gaseous globules).
"Fingers" atop the pillars are tipped with so-called evaporating gaseous globules, which are larger than our solar system and may contain embryonic stars.
In these newly released pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope, ultraviolet light from hot, fully grown stars eats away the oval tips of the pillars, known as EGGs (evaporating gaseous globules).
Scowen dubbed these nebulae EGGs, for evaporating gaseous globules (see page 32 of the February issue).