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For instance, she used data from Nasa's Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) to determine UAE groundwater levels and the rate at which water is lost through evapotranspiration.
As a major element in hydrologic cycle, evapotranspiration estimation has been always important and using Lysimeter to do this estimation is the most precise method, besides, application of Lysimeter will be time consuming and costly which are among limitations of using this device.
The equation for IGM I (Table 2) includes the minimum monthly potential evapotranspiration (PETmin).
For establishing the procedures to determine reference crop evapotranspiration with the MPM, the datasets must be robust.
1 Plant a tree - this will provide shade and evapotranspiration to help cool the air in summer and will capture carbon from the atmosphere, thus helping to reduce global warming.
Using simulations, the most suitable strategies can be assessed for each specific condition, such as irrigation management strategies, which can be simulated to predict effects on crop yield, and hydrologic components, such as evapotranspiration and crop water requirements.
Few studies have analysed the time variability of S as affected by evapotranspiration and rainfall.
High evapotranspiration rate induced by the dry condition further helps to increase water losses in the region (Etu-Efeotor, 1981).
The method was used to determine the evapotranspiration in ecosystems.
Obtaining evapotranspiration and surface energy fluxes with remotely sensed data to improve agricultural water management.
Yemen's water resources depend on rainfall, almost all of which is rapidly lost to evapotranspiration -- the combination of evaporation and water released by plants into the atmosphere.
But in 1998, this significant increase in evapotranspiration -- which had been seven millimeters per year -- slowed dramatically or stopped.