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ETOEfforts to Outcomes (Social Solutions software/services)
ETOEndorsed Training Organisation
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ETOExtended Time Observation
ETOElectrical Technical Officer (engineering)
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2) Evapotranspiration = Precipitation--Volume of River Discharge/ Watershed Area
Most of the water is lost to runoff, percolation, or evapotranspiration.
Seasonal and annual totals of Penman Monteith reference evapotranspiration (ETo) and precipitation (P), and mean values of ETo and P for the three turf years.
The state of Idaho has enjoyed multiple uses for evapotranspiration data beyond what was originally conceived.
3]) and fruit number per cluster related to water deficit (WD, mm), potential evapotranspiration (PET, mm) and actual evapotranspiration (AET, mm) and degree days ([degrees]C days) rate.
Caption: INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR CLUSTER TEMPERATURES Ambient temperature and simulated cluster temperatures are depicted one week after veraison of Cabernet Sauvignon vines irrigated at various fractions of crop evapotranspiration (denoted by subscripts of ETc) in 2011.
1998) to calculate crop evapotranspiration is based on considering separately the effects of the climate (reference evapotranspiration) and the plant canopy (crop coefficient, K) on the crop's water consumption.
There were different model inputs including precipitation, seepage through irrigation system, return flow, recharge through water courses and evapotranspiration were distributed on all the cells of model grid according to their geographic location.
Where ETc is crop evapotranspiration, ETo is reference evapotranspiration and Kc is localized crop coefficient (the ratio of the crop evapotranspiration rate to the reference evapotranspiration rate).
A continuous deficit in rainfall combined with higher evapotranspiration demand points towards the agricultural drought.
7 (deficit irrigation) in which crop was watered to compensate 30% less than its evapotranspiration water loss (ETc) during the previous days after last irrigation, (2) I1.