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ECEuropean Community (archaic; European Union is preferred)
ECEuropean Commission (European Union)
ECEuropean Council
ECExecutive Council
ECExecutive Council (Maquis Forces International)
ECExecutive Committee
ECEarly Childhood (ESRB)
ECEye Contact
ECExceptional Children
ECEducation Center
ECExtra Credit
ECEuropean Country
ECEvolutionary Computation
ECError Correction
ECEast Campus (MIT)
ECEddy Current
ECEagle Creek (Indiana)
ECEastern Caribbean Dollar (used by member Caribbean nations)
ECEnzyme Commission
ECExpert Committee
ECEthics Committee
ECExcellent Condition
ECEye Candy
ECEric Clapton
EcEscherichia Coli
ECEconomic Capital
ECEffective Concentration
ECEuropean Credit
ECEvolutionary Computing
ECEastern Conference (hockey)
ECEdward Cullen (Twilight novel character)
ECExtra Curricular
ECEscape Character
ECEsophageal Cancer
ECEurocrypt (Conference)
ECerror control (US DoD)
ECEconomically Disadvantaged
ECExecutive Chef
ECEvaluation Center
ECEverclear (band; window cleaner; liquor)
ECEckerd College (St. Petersburg, Florida)
ECExtended Coverage (property insurance covering riot, hail, smoke, explosion, wind, aircraft, vehicle, etc.)
ECEtherChannel (Cisco)
ECEthylene Carbonate
ECEarlham College
ECErie Canal
ECEstablished Church
ECExchange Carrier
ECExtended Coverage (fire sprinklers)
ECEric Cartman (cartoon character)
ECEvaluation Capacity
ECEuro City (international european fast trains)
ECEdit Conflict (Wikimedia Foundation)
ECEcho Control
ECExact Change
ECExpiring Contract (National Basketball Association)
ECExtended Control
ECExit Criteria
ECExplorers Club
ECEcho Canceler
ECJugendverband Entschieden für Christus (Kassel, Germany)
ECExceptional Circumstance (Australia and New Zealand)
ECErskine College (Due West, SC)
ECEase of Communication (hearing aids)
ECElastin and Collagen
ECEducational Comics
ECExternally Connected (spatial reasoning)
ECCorrosion Potential
ECExpense Control
ECEconoline Crush (band)
ECEarth Coverage
ECEccentric Cam
ECExperiment Container
ECErindale College (Canada)
ECEast Commons (Everquest)
ECEuro-Collins Solution (also seen as E-C)
ECEarth Curvature
ECEngineer Circular (USACE)
ECElongated Coin
ECEclipse Console
ECEisenmenger Complex (congenital heart defect)
ECEssentiality Code
ECEdge Coupled
ECExempli Causa (Latin: For Example)
ECEternal Companion
ECConseil d'Europe
ECEquipment Custodian
ECEmerson College, Boston, Ma
ECEvil Council (gaming)
ECExpansion Coil
ECEquipo Catalán
ECEvansville Chrysler (ammunition headstamp)
ECExternal Carrier
ECExercise Countermeasure
ECEssentially Code
ECEdwards Cinemas
ECExplosives Chemistry
ECExpedited Cleanup
ECEvening Core (shift)
ECEngagement Controller
ECEmitter Count
ECLondon Eastern Central (postcode, United Kingdom)
ECEnemy/Electromagnetic Capability
ECEnergy Controller
ECEmployee Compensation
ECEnabling Capability
ECEngineering Change
ECEnterprise Communicator
ECEntertaining Comics (publisher of Mad and Tales from the Crypt)
ECEpiscopal Church
ECEquipment and Components
ECEquipment Closet
ECEquipment Code
ECEquipment Company
ECElectric Cooperative
ECElectrical Contractor
ECElectrically Conductive
ECElectronic Clipboard
ECElectronic Combat
ECElectronic Commerce
ECElectronics Company
ECEmbarked Commander
ECEmergency Coordinator
ECEmirates Computer (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
ECEnvironment Canada
ECElectric Company
ECEmmanuel College
ECEmergency Cleanup
ECEquipment Category
ECElectoral College
ECElliptic Curve
ECEmbryonal Carcinoma
ECElectronic Cinema
ECEmergency Contraception
ECEmergency Capability
ECenemy combatant (US DoD)
ECEntorhinal Cortex
ECEmbry Call (Twilight character)
ECElectron Capture (nuclear physics, nuclear chemistry)
ECEnterprise Consultancy (US Army AMEDD)
ECEnteric Coat
ECElectrical Circuit
ECElectronic Component
ECEnvironmental Compliance
ECEmulsifiable Concentrate
ECElemental Carbon
ECElimination Communication (method of infant toilet training)
ECEnterprise Community
ECElectric Chair
ECElectron Configuration
ECEpilepsy Canada (Thornhill, ON, Canada)
ECEngine Control
ECElevation Certificate
ECElectrical Conductivity
ECEllicott City (Maryland)
ECEnvironment Committee
ECEnergy Curable
ECEmergency Care
ECEpcot (Disney)
ECEnd Customer
ECEndothelial Cell
ECElectron Cloud
ECEngineering Council
ECElectronically Challenged
ECElon College
ECEnterprise Controlling (SAP software)
ECElvis Costello (singer)
ECEndometrial Cancer
ECElection Commission
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1" was, in a somewhat humorous move, playing the Everclear song "AM Radio.
REMEMBER THE guy who bought 80-proof vodka that turned out to be 190-proof Everclear and died from alcohol poisoning?
Supplies-duct tape, peroxide, baking soda, white vinegar, Everclear or good quality vodka for tinctures etc.
uk Everclear To mark the 20th year since their formation, Everclear perform with support from Hideaways.
BACK in 1998, two good friends and I were eagerly making our way into town to see fast-rising American rockers Everclear.
WEST-COAST post-grunge rockers Everclear are back on this side of The Pond for the first time in a long while to mark the band's 20th anniversary.
Tour (Black Veil Brides, Chiodos, Tonight Alive, Fearless Vampire Killers), Feb 19: Deftones, Feb 23: The Courteeners, Mar 1:The Enemy, Mar 12: Bullet For My Valentine, Mar 14: The Alarm, Mar 16: The Stranglers, Mar 21: Inspiral Carpets, Mar 26/27: Emeli Sande, Mar 26: Janet Devlin, 29: Everclear, Mar 30: Eels, Apr 17: The Feeling, Apr 20: McFly, Apr 25: James /Echo & the Bunnymen, May 12: Athlete, May 13: Lana Del Rey, May 21/22: The Specials, Dec 17: The Mission .
owners such brands as Everclear, Pearl Vodka, Arrow Cordials, Ezra Brooks Whiskey and Juarez Tequila, has acquired 100 % of the outstanding stock of Paramount Distillers, Inc.
Pictured below is a Mira Everclear showerhead with an automatic self-clean feature, RRP from pounds 40.
The magazine claimed at the time that she regularly indulges in marijuana and 'guzzles beer and gets smashed on Everclear, a potent grain alcohol'.
We are also the first people in Britain to swerve Everclear hot chocolate, which is an Italian hot chocolate to die for.
Everclear has a new lineup, a new CD and a Wednesday date at the WOW Hall.