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EUTSEverything Under The Sun
EUTSEvansville Urban Transportation Study (Evansville, IN)
EUTSEnchantment under the Sea (online community)
EUTSEdinburgh University Tibet Society (UK)
EUTSEndoscopic Upper Thoracic Sympathectomy
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But this government seems to be completely deaf to any reasoning against linking Aadhaar to everything under the sun.
But think of other ayatollahs, say my favorite Hussein Alam Al-Hoda from Mash'had or the older Nasser Makarem Shirazi from Qom who seems duty-bound to comment on everything under the sun with a view to providing catchy headlines based on outlandish slogans.
He added: "Certainly our players haven't forgotten, they're calling him everything under the sun as they go past so I would hope the Australian public are the same because that was just blatant cheating.
Of course, things can go horribly wrong, but a parent is likely to have far more chance of affecting a successful outcome for their child, if they have not already complained about everything under the sun or at least the school roof.
For more call 09050 700 440 Virgo August 23 - Sept 22 YOU may need to step back, to think things through and, as per usual, as soon as you want to do that in comes a whirlwind of folks expecting to have your opinion on everything under the sun.
I have been accused of more or less, everything under the sun except of actually sinking the Belgrano myself.
So, shop for everything under the sun from casual, winter, party & ethnic wear for men & women, bags, sarees, watches, cosmetics & fragrances, footwear, home decor, kids' apparel & accessories, jewellery, lingerie, kitchenware, bath accessories, shades and much more at your favourite online shopping club.
Mr Bond, 58, of Mount Road, Tranmere, said: "We don't rip the system off - we are genuine people and are not trying to claim everything under the sun.
I've said it before and I'll say it again - modern day political correctness and rules for everything under the sun drives me mad.
Body Drench Quick Tan has expanded to include everything under the sun, from its original instant spray can to gradual tanning lotions.
MEP Godfrey Bloom is fond of letting us know what he thinks about everything under the sun, and his letter in the Examiner on June 11 was no exception.
With computer order entry and computer records and all the requirements by the government to report everything under the sun, physicians will be spending less and less time in the care of their patients.
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