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EFTMEverything for the Man (Australia)
EFTMÉcole de Formation en Techniques de Management (French: School of Management Training Techniques; Algeria)
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He changed everything for the man, and He can do the same for us.
But just as Adela decided she would give up everything for the man she loves, David backs out upon learning Adela won't inherit her father's wealth anymore.
By now Tracy, left, should be on her honeymoon, but with her dream wedding in tatters, and the groom on the run from the police, is she prepared to risk everything for the man she loves?
As for Lisa, she is prepared to give up everything for the man she loves, so surely he's going to love her back?
Just as she'll do everything for the man she loves, she will also do everything to bust out if something goes wrong, to the extent of almost hiring a private investigator to discover a partner's extra-curricular activity.
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