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ERTEstrogen Replacement Therapy
ERTEnzyme Replacement Therapy
ERTEmergency Response Team (FEMA)
ERTEmergency Response Team
ERTEarly Transmit
ERTExtended Release Tablet (drugs)
ERTElvene Rundt Trondheimsfjorden (Norwegian: Rivers around Trondheim Fjord)
ERTESPN Regional Television
ERTEnvironmental Response Team
ERTEuropean Roundtable of Industrialists (European Council; Brussels, Belgium)
ERTElectrical Resistivity Tomography
ERTEmployee Relations Team (various organizations)
ERTEarth Received Time (astronomy)
ERTElectrical Resistance Tomography
ERTEnergy Resonance Technology
ERTEnvironmental Review Tribunal (Canada)
ERTEnvironmental Resources Trust
ERTEvidence Response Team (law enforcement)
ERTEntente Régionale du Tournaisis (French: Regional Agreement of the Tournai; Belgium)
ERTExclusive Ride Time
ERTeResearch Technology, Inc
ERTÉquipe de Recherche Technologique (French: Technological Research Team)
ERTEarly Response Team
ERTEmilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione (Modena, Italy)
ERTEvidence Recovery Team (US FEMA)
ERTElliniki Radiofonia Tileorasi (Greek National Radio-Television Corporation)
ERTEncoder Receiver Transmitter
ERTEritrean Airlines (ICAO code)
ERTExtended Run Time (various companies)
ERTEmission Reduction Technique
ERTEarly Release Time
ERTEmergency Room Technician
ERTEurope Recherche Transport (French: European Transport Research)
ERTEmergency Response Technology (National Technology Transfer Center)
ERTÉtude et Réalisation Travaux (French: Study and Design Works)
ERTExtranet Réserves Terre (French: Extranet Land Reserve)
ERTEducation Research Theses (database; Australia)
ERTEmergency Roadside Telephone
ERTEstimated Response Time
ERTEarned Release Time (various locations)
ERTExecutive Response Team
ERTEstonian Rural Tourism
ERTElectronic Registration and Titling
ERTElectromagnetic Ray Tracing
ERTExecution Reference Time
ERTEducation Racing Team (France)
ERTEuropean Registered Toxicologist (Federation of European Toxicologist and European Societies of Toxicology)
ERTEquipment Repair Time
ERTError Resolution Team
ERTEnhanced Reconnaissance and Targeting
ERTEngineering Review Team
ERTExperts Round Table Network (website)
ERTEducational Requirements Test
ERTEye Response Technologies, Inc
ERTEastern Rail Trail
ERTEquivalent Random Theory (communication networks)
ERTEquipment Reception Team
ERTEuropean Rogue Troopers (gaming clan)
ERTElectrically Regenerated Traps
ERTEmergency Reference Time
ERTEmail Response Time
ERTEffective Reference Time
ERTEquipment Rack Transporter
ERTEnroute Recovery Team
ERTEngineering Readiness Test
ERTEmotional Rebalance Therapy
ERTEmergency Response Temps (The Freecycle Network)
ERTElectronic Read Transmitter (public utilities)
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An FBI evidence recovery team was sent to the scene to process it, police said.
We informally call it the evidence recovery team that is going through all the contracts that had been executed, Bondal said, adding that Hechanova heads the team.
Fearing a drawn-out legal battle, the US justice department struck a quiet deal with the lawyers; an FBI evidence recovery team would be dispatched to meticulously photograph and model the old prison before it was destroyed, and the information they gathered would be made available to legal teams working on accountability cases.
Investigators from the evidence recovery team were at the restaurant.
We informally call it the evidence recovery team that is also going through all the contracts that have been executed before, said Bondal, adding that Hechanova has been heading the team.
Police from the evidence recovery team later took fingerprints at the apartment, another son said.
CUTLINE: The Police Department evidence recovery team launches boats from Morgan Park yesterday during their investigation of the personal watercraft accident on Indian Lake Saturday.
In a manner similar to that used by evidence recovery teams at a crime scene, each ski mask was packaged in a tape-sealed Tyvek envelope and labeled with its identification number.
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