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The evidence of agreement conveniently supplied by the members of an ineffective price-fixing conspiracy dovetails nicely with the self-interests of the antitrust lawyers employed by the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission who, in order to accumulate the experience that will be of value to them in subsequent private-sector careers, have strong incentives to select "cases that can clearly be won or settled favorably...."(11) Antitrust case selection processes are dominated not by concerns for the welfare of consumers, but by the political forces impinging on the antitrust bureaucracy--staff career objectives, law enforcement budgets, and congressional influence.(12)
But the easiest way to challenge the collusion may be to challenge the device as it provides evidence of agreement. Wholly apart from the arguments offered by Boudreaux and Ekelund, upon reflection we have come to endorse per se legality provided that there are no credible allegations of cartel activity.
there are agreements between NR and the emergency services on how to deal with the most severe incidents but little evidence of agreements for the serious but more common incidents such as fatalities, trespassing or road vehicles hitting railway bridges;
But they said yesterday they found no evidence of agreements between Apple and record labels over the way iTunes was run.
But the Commission said yesterday that its antitrust proceedings found no evidence of agreements between Apple and record labels over the way iTunes was run.
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