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EOCEnd of Communication (computing)
EOCEmergency Operations Center
EOCExtension of Care (healthcare)
EOCEnd Of Course
EOCEvidence of Coverage (aka Explanation of Coverage; insurance)
EOCEducational Opportunity Center
EOCEqual Opportunities Commission (UK)
EOCEqual Opportunity Compliance (various organizations)
EOCElement of Cost (US DoD acquisition)
EOCExtent of Condition (nuclear energy)
EOCEye of Cthulhu (Terraria)
EOCEmbedded Operations Channel
EOCEpithelial Ovarian Cancer
EOCEthernet over Copper
EOCEnd of Chain
EOCEnd of Call
EOCEmergency Operation Center
EOCEmpty Octal Constant
EOCEast Ohio Conference (United Methodist Church)
EOCEconomic Opportunity Council
EOCEnsemble Orchestral Contemporain (France)
EOCEnvironment of Care (JCAHO)
EOCEmergency Operating Center
EOCEagle Owners Club (UK)
EOCEuropean Olympic Committees
EOCEthiopian Orthodox Church
EOCEmergency Obstetric Care (maternal mortality)
EOCEthernet over Copper (telecommunications)
EOCEnd Of Conversion
EOCEnergy Outreach Colorado (formerly Colorado Energy Assistance Foundation)
EOCEarth Observation Center
EOCEnd of Cycle
EOCEconomic Outlook Conference (various locations)
EOCElectro-Optics Center (Freeport, PA)
EOCEquipment Operational Capability (US DoD)
EOCEnd Of Contract
EOCEngine-Out Capability (US NASA)
EOCEastern Orthodox Church
EOCEdge of Coverage (satellite communications)
EOCEconomy of Communion (charitable initiative for businesses)
EOCEnemies of Carlotta
EOCExecutive Officer Committee (various organizations)
EOCEmerging Organic Contaminant
EOCEducation Outreach Committee (various locations)
EOCEvangelical Orthodox Church
EOCEarly Operational Capability
EOCEOS Operations Center
EOCExtensiveness of Comments
EOCEmergency Operations Coordinator
EOCElement Owners Club (Honda enthusiasts group)
EOCEmployee Owned Company
EOCEnd Of Conversation
EOCEnd of Chorus (guitar tablature)
EOCEndometrioid Ovarian Cancer
EOCEnemy Oil Committee
EOCEconomic Outpatient Care
EOCEuropean Orchid Council
EOCEnd of Century
EOCEnd Of Construction
EOCEngine-Off Coasting (automobiles)
EOCEnterprise Operation Center
EOCExpeditionary Operations Center
EOCChief Equipment Operator (Naval Rating)
EOCEmbedded Overhead Channel (Alcatel)
EOCExtended Operating Conditions
EOCEnd Of Curve
EOCEnglish Outdoor Council
EOCEducational Options Center (Riverside, CA, USA)
EOCEngine Oil Cooling (radiator option)
EOCEnd Office Code (telephony)
EOCError of Closure (used in closing an unclosed polygon created when determining a boundary and area)
EOCEmployee On Call
EOCEnhanced Operational Capability
EOCEngineering Operating Cycle
EOCEpiscopal Orthodox Church
EOCExecutive Oversight Council
EOCEssential Operational Capability
EOCElectronics Operations Center
EOCElement Operations Center
EOCExplosives Operations Center
EOCEstimated Overall Cost
EOCElectro-Optic Controller (Nortel)
EOCEquipment Order Control (Alcatel)
EOCExecutive Operations Council
EOCExtended/Engineered Operating/Overhaul Cycle
EOCEquipment Operator Chief
EOCEnd Operational Capability
EOCExpense Object Code
EOCEquipment Operations Center
EOCEngine Out of Commission
EOCEquipment Operations Control
EOCChief Engineering Aide (Naval Rating)
EOCEnema of Choice
EOCEnterprise Order Capture (software)
EOCElementary Operations Committee
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However, a COI is simply evidence that the vendor has insurance, and while that is certainly an important document to have, it provides no evidence of coverage, even if the property is listed as the "Certificate Holder" on that COI.
The bill also stipulates that mortgage servicers file a surety bond, fidelity bond and evidence of coverage with the Commissioner.
Each year by September 30th, Medicare Advantage recipients will receive an Annual Notice of Change (ANOC) and Evidence of Coverage (EOC) from their existing insurance carrier for their Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescription drug plan providers.
"They will have received information such as the "Evidence of Coverage" (EOC) and "Annual Notice of Change" (ANOC)" he adds.
CMS will also require plans that implement this tool to explain what it will mean for beneficiaries in the plans Annual Notice of Change (ANOC) and Evidence of Coverage (EOC) documents.
The authors of that question want the test taker to show an understanding of a summary of benefits statement, a provider directory and an evidence of coverage statement.
Relying upon a certificate of insurance from a third party as evidence of coverage
Murphy (MA), Commissioner of Insurance Bulletin 2011-07; Certificates of Insurance, Evidence of Coverage Forms and Binders, Property and Casualty Insurance Companies and Producers Issuing Certificates of Insurance in Pennsylvania; Notice No.
"Getting and Using Health Plan Evidence of Coverage" is intended to help navigators answer specific questions that people with disabilities might ask about getting and using a health plans' evidence of coverage documents.
After significant debate that lasted more than a year, the P&C Committee adopted in July the Model Act Regarding Use of Insurance Binders as Evidence of Coverage, which necessitated insurance coverage until a policy is issued or cancelled.
I have watched plans use their ad agency to create evidence of coverage and annual notification of change documents (ANOC) at agency rates.
The latest evidence of coverage evolution is the issues arising from various financial frauds, such as the Stanford Financial Group's case concerning the money laundering exclusion.
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