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Evidence-based supported employment fidelity review manual (2nd ed.).
Only 2.2 percent of Veterans received even one session of evidence-based supported employment, perhaps not surprising given that the target population for supported employment in the VA is individuals with symptoms of psychosis.
Despite the low rate of supported employment service provision, evidence-based supported employment was effective when it was provided.
Successful implementations of evidence-based supported employment for people with psychiatric disabilities are well documented in the USA (Bond et al., 2001) and in the UK (Rinaldi et al., 2004).
The practical lessons from managing this innovative New Zealand program add to international knowledge on how best to implement and develop evidence-based supported employment and supported education services for people with psychiatric disabilities.
Implementation of evidence-based supported employment in regional Australia.
The financial viability of evidence-based supported employment for people with mental illnesses in a blended funding system.
(2007) Challenges to implementing evidence-based supported employment in Australia.
(1) Also known as 'evidence-based supported employment'.
Groups participating in Evidence-Based Supported Employment (EBSE) demonstrate a significant increase in work, between 40% and 60% employment rates (Crowther et al., 2001; Lehman et al., 2002; Bond et al., 2001; Cook & Razzano, 2000; Rogers, Anthony, Toole, & Brown, 1991; Becker & Drake, 1993, 2003; Bond, 1998, 2004; Bond, Drake & Becket, 1999; Drake, Becker, Biesanz, Wyzik, & Torrey, 1996; Honey, 2000; Lehman, 1995; Schneider, Heyman, & Turton, 2002).
Within Evidence-Based Supported Employment, professionals provide action oriented employment activities focusing on securing or sustaining employment, specific EBSE strategies are discussed later in the paper.
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