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While the problem of evil serves as the focus of many of the book's longer entries ('Evidential Problem of Evil', 'Free Will Defense' and 'Theodicies'), the traditional proofs of God's existence, Christian exclusivism, miracles, Pascal's Wager, divine foreknowledge and human freedom and the traditional proofs of God's existence are among the other issues usefully treated.
The Principle of Credulity: "It is basic to human knowledge of the world that we believe things are as they seem to be in the absence of positive evidence to the contrary." This underlies the Evidential Problem of Evil, which goes roughly like this: "There appears to be a lot of suffering, both animal and human, that does not result in an equal or greater utility; thus, there is probably some pointless suffering.
Rather, he devotes a chapter each to (i) the evidential problem of evil, that there is more evil in the world than one would expect if there were an omnipotent and perfectly loving deity; (ii) the problem of the hiddenness of God, that the existence, nature, and will of God are not as clear as they should be assuming that there is a God who desires to be known and worshipped; and, (iii) the problem that the miracles attributed to God are morally arbitrary and thereby cast doubt on the goodness of God.