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ED2Evil Dead 2 (movie)
ED2Second Year Environmental Design
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Now they're branching out into board games--They've made an Evil Dead 2 board game, and a board game adaptation of The Terminator is in the works.
They got the rights to make a board game based on the movie Evil Dead 2.
For both the Evil Dead 2 game and The Terminator game, they've set up a crowd-funding campaign to develop them.
Listing his top three horror films as Psycho, Night of the Living Dead and Evil Dead 2, he said audiences like the "rollercoaster ride" of being scared in safety.
I've been half-way through a film like Evil Dead 2 and suddenly realised it isn't horror at all, it's comedy.
Evil Dead 2 came and went and then in 1993 Raimi, along with regular star Bruce Campbell, made this, the last in the trilogy, which many fans agree is as memorable as the first.
Her darkness issues not from the tortured depths but the blankness of the computer or movie screen, and the titles - Evil Dead 2, Shadow Master - make clear that we are flashing on goth-inflected sci-fi.
For horror fans, BMG have put Evil Dead 2 on DVD in all its gory detail as well as the first Hannibal Lecter movie Manhunter.