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EVOPEvolutionary Operation
EVOPEvropska Varnostna in Obrambna Politika (Slovenian: European Security and Defense Policy; EU)
EVOPEvolutionary Optimization
EVOPEuropese Vereniging Onderwijzend Personeel (Dutch: European Association of Teaching Staff)
EVOPEvolutionary Operation of Processes
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m] respectively; second, the selector vector of classifiers is also coded into binary string and the classifiers are selected by Pareto evolutionary optimization [25, 26]; last, the optimal classifier set [C.
The evolutionary optimization of loosely coupled technical systems in CAD.
Due to the short execution time and the fast convergence, the ADIWO algorithm is more suitable for real time applications than other evolutionary optimization methods, such as the PSO.
The computational cost of evolutionary optimization increases as the size and complexity of the problem increase.
Stochastic Ranking for Constrained Evolutionary Optimization.
The editors offer a choice of controllers and models from the tried-and-trusted to the most up-to-date evolutionary optimization models.
Evolutionary optimization for computationally expensive problems using Gaussian processes, Proc.
Computational Intelligence (Soft Computing) being viewed as a vital synergy between fuzzy sets, neural networks, and evolutionary optimization, can play a primordial role in the development of these educational and technological challenges.
His current research interests focus on evolutionary optimization, swarm intelligence, large-scale optimization, GPU-based computing, evolutionary learning and applications.
Implicit and explicit averaging are the two strategies most commonly employed to reduce the influence of noise in evolutionary optimization under noise.
1 DIFFRENTIAL EVOLUTION ALGORITHM Differential Evaluation Algorithm is one of the most recent population based stochastic evolutionary optimization techniques for minimizing non-linear functions [10].
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