EVRCEnhanced Variable Rate Coding
EVRCEnhanced Variable Rate Codec (Relaxation Code Excited Linear Prediction, RCELP algorithm)
EVRCEastern Volunteer Resource Centre (est. 1976; Australia)
EVRCEarthquake Vulnerability Reduction for Cities (seminar)
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The volunteers who will be running the EVRC must be trained and exercised regularly, and should have personal disaster preparedness plans.
as the EVRC and EVRC-B vocoders in consumer handsets gives network
7xx, narrow and wide-band AMR, EVRC, noise reduction, beam-forming, and speech recognition.
Designed to enable wireless infrastructure developers to quickly add adaptive rate GSM-AMR or EVRC voice coders to their existing and next-generation networks, the transcoders use T1/E1 connections or the industry standard H.
729A/B, GSM (EFR, FR and HR), AMR (Narrowband and Wideband), EVRC, EVRCB, EVRC-C, iLBC, Speex, SpeexWB, RFC 2833, and user-defined codecs for voice and tones.
Moreover, also helps in giving backings of several range of industry standard codecs like AMR, AMR-WB, EVRC and more.