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EFTElectronic Funds Transfer
EFTEmotional Freedom Techniques
EFTElementary Flying Training (UK)
EFTExploration Flight Test (US NASA)
EFTEmotionally Focused Therapy
EFTEffective Field Theory (particle and nuclear physics)
EFTelectronic field trip
EFTEnergy Financing Team (various locations)
EFTEnterprise File Transfer
EFTEuropaeiske Faellesskabers Tidende (Danish: Offical Journals; EU)
EFTE-Form Template
EFTEnhanced File Transfer (software)
EFTExpeditionary Fast Transport (US DoD)
EFTElectrical Fast Transient
EFTEffective Full Time (various organizations)
EFTElectronic File Transfer
EFTEcocert Fair Trade (certification body)
EFTEquivalent Full Time
EFTEmotionally Focused Transformation
EFTEmployed Full Time
EFTEmbedded Figures Test (psychology)
EFTElapsed Fermentation Time (food biotechnology)
EFTEnglish for Tourism
EFTEwing's Family of Tumors (oncology)
EFTEarly Field Trial
EFTEuro-File Transfer
EFTExternal Fuel Tank
EFTEuropean Transport Workers' Federation
EFTEye Fresh Technology (Samsung)
EFTEarly Finish Time
EFTEnhanced Forecaster Tools
EFTEvergreen Forest Trust (Washington)
EFTEnigma Transportable File
EFTEnd-to-End Force Tracking
EFTEnergy Field Techniques
EFTEmergency Flight Termination
EFTEngineering Feasibility Test
EFTEnvelope-Feedback Technique
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INTRODUCTION: Although traditionally classified as separate entities; Ewing's sarcoma & peripheral primitive neuroectodermal tumor (pPNET) are now regarded as belonging to spectrum of neoplasm's exhibiting neuroectodermal differentiation& collectively referred to as Ewing's family of tumors (EFTs) having the same t(11;22) chromosomal translocation in >90% cases (1).
They belong to Ewing's family of tumors which are associated with chromo- somal translocation t (11; 22) and functional fusion of EWS gene to any of the several transcriptional factor genes.
Although once viewed as distinct entities, ES of bone, extraosseus ES, Askin's tumor, and PNET are now considered together as members of the Ewing's family of tumors.