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EWOEducation Welfare Officer
EWOEnterprise-Wide Optimization (process systems engineering)
EWOEyes Wide Open (exhibit)
EWOEmergency War Order
EWOEngineering Work Order
EWOExecutive Warrant Officer (Royal Navy; UK)
EWOEasy Way Out
EWOEarnings Withholding Order
EWOExtreme Wrestling Organization
EWOElectronic(s) Warfare Officer (US DoD)
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105 there, and the parenthetical remark in the ETCSL translation of EWO line 376, where Utu is referred to as "the father of the Great City (an expression for the underworld)" (italics original).
Expedient measures adopted to meet the requirement for immediate EWO support included an Operational EWO Course at Fort Sill, continued instruction for the Battlefield Spectrum Management Course at Fort Gordon, and temporary assignments of Air Force and Navy EWOs to Army brigade combat teams.
And perhaps this is the way that many parents view the role of truancy sweeps and education welfare officers (EWOs).
But just in case, I thought I'd better check to see how old and experienced-looking the EWOs on the lead and number-two birds were.
During World War II, electronic warfare officers picked up the nickname of "Crows," while electronic reconnaissance EWOs became known as "Ravens." The Association of Old Crows, a professional organization supporting former and current electronic warfare officers headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, maintains an archive of interviews of veterans of early ferret missions from World War II and the Cold War.
From August 1984 to July 1988, he worked on UAV R & D at RUAG Aerospace, after which he joined the Swiss Air Force Headquarters as a professional EWO. He completed the USAF EWO/SOC at Mather AFB in 1991.
The LED floodlights came from Italian company ewo, while all the AGL components came from ADB's factories in China and Brussels.
Eldon "Joe" Canady, an RB-66C electronic warfare officer (EWO), who completed his 100th on December 13, 1965.
On Dec 18, 2003, EWO Class 04-04 of the 563rd Flying Training Squadron at Randolph AFB, TX, graduated.
The Silver King modification included an integrated capsule to the aircraft bomb bay that provided crew stations for the three Electronic Warfare Officers (EWO), affectionately known as "Ravens" or "Crows." Electronic receivers and direction finding equipment and associated antennae were added, along with signal analysis and recording equipment to receive, locate, and analyze the emissions of potential adversaries' early warning and surface-to-air-missile and anti-aircraft-artillery acquisition and tracking radars.
Our speaker was Air Force Col Larry Rexford, AF/XORE (B-52 EWO).