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The parents of one boy who was raped by a priest were ex-communicated after speaking up.
As the story made the rounds through the Cotpic blogosphere grapevine, some suggested that the men weren't only handing out Bibles, but were distributing CDs by ex-communicated priest Zachariah Boutros, who was removed from his position at the Coptic Orthodox Church because of his constant attacks on Islam via his satellite TV show, which infuriated both Muslims and Christians.
The bishop had already been ex-communicated by the Vatican.
Kalli" then decided to play in South Africa and was immediately ex-communicated by the West Indies Board and fell out with fellow Guyanese Rohan Kanhai after whom Kalli's son had been named.
Does this mean that if I continue to take Holy Communion in the Catholic Church in Wales in the belief that I am doing nothing wrong in my political convictions, I will be ex-communicated by the Archbishop of Cardiff?
Simon Killeen, defending, said that Bentham, who has no previous convictions, has already been punished by the loss of his good character and by being ex-communicated by the church.
Former church members never faced any accusations or disciplinary action for wrongful actions, and were "effectively ex-communicated without any notice of any charge against them," he said.
Steve Sandvoss plays a Mormon Elder who is ex-communicated from the church after a homosexual encounter in ``Latter Days.
The Archbishop declared that the girl's parents and the doctor had ex-communicated themselves from the Church ipso facto for going ahead with the abortion, whereupon 26,000 people signed a petition, originating from Spain, in which they demanded to be ex-communicated as well, for having "contributed actively in making the termination of the girl's pregnancy possible".
Although not a single leader of the Third Reich - not even Hitler himself - was ever ex-communicated, Galileo was not absolved of heresy until 1992.