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EGPEgyptian Pound (Currency Unit, ISO)
EGPExterior Gateway Protocol (IETF standard STD00018 RFC0904)
EGPEmang Gue Pikirin (song)
EGPExterior Gateway Protocol
EGPEspace Glisse Paris (French skateboarding park)
EGPEntreprise Générale de Peinture (French: General Contractor Painting)
EGPEndogenous Glucose Production (endocrinology)
EGPEjercito Guerrillero de los Pobres (Spanish: Guerrilla Army of the Poor; political group; Guatemala)
EGPEnvironmental Genome Project
EGPEx-Gratia Payment
EGPEnglish for General Purposes
EGPExamen Géronto-Psychomoteur (French medical publication)
EGPEstimated Gross Profit (finance)
EGPÉlectricité Générale de Picardie (French: General Power of Picardy; Picardy, France)
EGPÉlectricité Générale Pinheiro (French: General Pinheiro Electricity)
EGPEspace Gestion et Patrimoine (French: Space and Heritage Management)
EGPEntreprise Générale de Parquet (French: General Flooring Company)
EGPEntreprise Générale pour le Particulier (French general contractor)
EGPElectronic Programme Guide (digital television)
EGPExperimental Geodetic Payload (Japanese satellite)
EGPEquipotential Ground Plane
EGPElectronic Graphics Processing
EGPEscola de Gestão do Porto - Universidade do Porto (Porto, Portugal)
EGPExhaust Gas Pressure
EGPEmergency Generating Plant
EGPEquipment Gross Product (sales metric)
EGPEnhanced Graphics Processor
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Details regarding the EQC registration of affected on-sold property owners who want to be considered for ex-gratia payments can be found on their Canterbury page.
'Subsequent to the first group who received the payment, TPD took the initiative to help 40 eligible fishermen and 15 crew members who were not in the list to make an appeal to the authorities and a second ex-gratia payment took place on Octobter 31, 2015,' he said.
"It's insulting, inappropriate and defeats the whole purpose of the ex-gratia payment not to look at each case on an individual basis.
Similarly, should there be an element of habit or expectation surrounding the payment (as referred to in connection with ex-gratia payments above), HMRC is likely to seek to charge tax and NI on the payment, on the argument that it is part of the consideration for which the employee gives his services.
The ministers have announced that the state government would provide ex-gratia payment of Rs 3.5 lakh to the next of kin of those who lost their lives in the current floods.
It was decided that Ex-Gratia payment will be made to employees from Grade 1-19 only, including contract employees.
But would it not have been possible to offer an ex-gratia payment? That would have been some compensation to an innocent bystander who has suffered severe orthopaedic injuries through no fault of her own.
HBOS said in a statement last week that it chose to make an ex-gratia payment of pounds 8m "in the light of recent comments from Mr Justice Smith".
"And [it] urges the Government to seek ways to recognise the plight of these widows and to allow the payment to accrue to the next-of-kin, possibly as an ex-gratia payment on humanitarian grounds."
Mrs Moule said she had never been given an apology over her husband's death and received a one-off ex-gratia payment of pounds 20,000 in 1991 from the Government.
The airline said that it is again unable to pay the usual one month's salary as a discretionary year-end bonus to eligible Hong Kong-based employees, but it will make an ex-gratia payment to these employees of either half a month's salary or HKD8,000, whichever is greater.
"The pounds 10 flat-rate ex-gratia payment recognises the inconvenience customers experienced." "It is not adjusted in relation to the size of a household or business."