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ExPASyExpert Protein Analysis System
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The DAS tool of expasy server, predicted the trans-membrane helices in integral membrane proteins, composed of stretches of 15-30 predominantly hydrophobic residues.
These glutaminases, when subjected to the SUPERFAMILY tool on the ExPASy server, (17) revealed their identity: They belonged to superfamily serine-dependent [beta]-lactamases and penicillin-binding proteins.
Gasteiger E, Hoogland C, Gattiker A, Duvaud S, Wilkins MR, Appel RD, Bairoch (2005) A Protein identification and analysis tools on the ExPASy server.
Las secuencias nucleotidicas obtenidas se tradujeron mediante ExPASy y la secuencia aminoacidica deducida de ambas proteinas se comparo con secuencias obtenidas en NCBI, utilizando el software Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis version 4.
The protein translation of the nucleotide sequences was done in EXPASY.
An analysis of the sequencing result was carried out using specific software such as Expasy, ClustalW and BLAST from the NCBI GeneBank.
The theoretical molecular weights (MWs) and isoelectric point (pI) values for the Morex and Steptoe Bmy2 sequences were calculated using the Compute pI and MW tool on the ExPASy Molecular biology website (http://us.
Deep View serves as the graphics interface to the EXPaSY Swiss Model server where one can submit sequences for automated homology modeling.
1997) identity search tools, which NCBI provides and FASTA identity and similarity search tools, which EBI provides; and compare validation by using BLAST in the dbEST and dbWGS database; analyze the structure of nucleic acid and protein sequences by using DNAstar (Burland, 2000) and DNATools (Curran nad Tevedibrink, 2013); predict molecular weight and isoelectric point by using the tool kit in EXPASY site (http://prosite.
For finding protein sequence variations, gene sequences were translated by using protein translation and ExPASy Protparam tools.