ExPECExtraintestinal Pathogenic Escherichia Coli (infectious disease)
ExPECExploration and Petroleum Engineering Center (Dahran, Saudi Arabia)
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Following the opening session, Saudi Aramco opened its doors to the Halliburton research directors, giving them a close-up look at its own upstream research activities in the labs of EXPEC ARC and the Geosteering Center.
For the Grand Challenge competition, EXPEC ARC invited young researchers who have contributed to the development of innovative concepts in their area of technical interest to present their ideas.
gt;Now, for the first time in the industry, EXPEC ARC has combined both of these capabilities in establishing an effective solution for slim hole applications.
Ali Al-Yousef, Reservoir Engineering chief technologist with the EXPEC Advanced Research Center (EXPEC ARC), was in the spotlight at the recent Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Improved Oil Recovery (IOR) international conference where he was recognized with the IOR Pioneer Award.
Yes, there are, Halah Al-Asmari, a geophysicist at EXPEC Advanced Research Center, told her.
Technologists gave more than 20 technical presentations during the conference, with contributions representing developments from Saudi Aramco s Exploration and EXPEC ARC organizations, as well as Aramco Services Company s Upstream and Research and Development Departments.
Saudi Aramco s EXPEC ARC (Advanced Research Center) and KFUPM have been jointly working together to develop the college framework and key features.
The team supports the Production Technology of Saudi Aramco s EXPEC Advanced Research Center (EXPEC ARC) by monitoring the latest advances in North America and conducting additional research and development.
The innovative research milestones, achievements and industry contributions over recent years by the EXPEC Advanced Research Center (EXPEC ARC) Geophysics Technology (GPT) Division have been internationally recognized by the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG).
To better leverage global scientific expertise and strengthen collaboration in providing solutions to Saudi Aramco research and technology challenges, the EXPEC Advanced Research Center (EXPEC ARC) and the Research and Development Center (R&DC) are expanding their presence internationally by establishing SRCs in strategic locations around the world.
Saudi Aramco s EXPEC Advanced Research Center has embarked on a strategic research program tagged SmartWater Flood to explore the potential of increasing oil recovery from carbonate reservoirs by tuning properties of injection water (e.