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Exa10^18 (one quintillion)
ExaEyecandy Acceleration Architecture
ExaExcellent Architecture
ExaEnterprise X-Architecture (IBM)
ExaExecution Agency
ExaElicited Xenoreactive Antibodie (transplantation rejection proteins)
ExaExchequer and Audit Department (Public Records Office of Northern Ireland; Department of Culture, Arts, and Leisure; UK)
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EXA said it hoped that if the two were to collide, it would be a lateral rather than a frontal crash, sparing the satellite's wings.
The EXA test has been found correlated well with intracellular analysis of biopsied cardiac muscle and appears to be as accurate as magnesium load testing.
As EXA melting seems to have an influence on resistivity, poly(olefin) phase crystallinity was also studied.
Along with its excellent phase-noise performance (-106 dBc/Hz typical at 10 kHz offset, 1 GHz carrier), the EXA is able to meet tighter regulations and test requirements for millimeter-wave device design and performance verification.
The analyzer converts this information to linear form so that it can be displayed as engineering values on the EXA Ic200's 7-digit message-display screen.
Agilent's X-Series signal analyzers include the high-end PXA, mid-range MXA, economy-class EXA, and low-cost CXA, and offer more than 22 industry-leading measurement applications.
Running the EXA with the company's 89600 VSA software application enables advanced signal demodulation analysis and troubleshooting of more than 50 modulation formats including 2G, 3G, 3.
The N9062A SCPI remote language compatibility measurement application allows the PXA, MXA and EXA signal analyzers to emulate Rohde & Schwarz FSP, FSU and FSE spectrum analyzers in remotely-controlled, automated test equipment systems.
Leveraging the Calix Ethernet eXtensible Architecture (EXA), an Ethernet kernel based on industry standard protocols and focused on the requirements of the access network, the new EXA Powered C7 line cards further enhance this evolutionary path, delivering more capacity, higher bandwidth services across both copper and fiber, and more flexibility in bridging legacy services and advanced Ethernet services in a single, manageable platform.
The EXA Powered E7 has been architected to these same principles, but with a narrower focus on exclusively Ethernet services over fiber and the extensibility requirements of an all-video world.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-April 17, 2013-Calix EXA powered E3-48C delivers advanced broadband solutions over copper(C)1994-2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.