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III) Numbers K and L which determine the exact frequency ratio [f.sub.s] = f x K/L.
Exact frequency equations of free vibration of exponentially functionally graded beams.
More studies at a larger scale are required in the country to know the exact frequency of H.
However, when the magnetically trapped antihydrogen atoms were hit with a laser beam at the exact frequency needed to excite hydrogen atoms, they behaved exactly as the known laws of physics tell us they would, exhibiting no hints of CPT violation.
In safety critical applications, companies will need to have their pressure transmitters proof tested, with the exact frequency being determined by the target reliability required.
However, the exact frequency distribution of the studied population according to the age groups was not addressed.
"The reported frequency of 37.5kHz is the exact frequency of a pinger from a black box," he said.
In practically the same time required to read a meter, the entire vibration spectrum, showing the exact frequency and amplitude, can be reviewed.
The three-parameter approach provides good approximations to the exact frequency and the relative error lower than 0.2536%.
Depending on different countries, the exact frequency range of each band for mobile communications might varies slightly: Digital Cellular System DCS1800 (1710-1880MHz); Personal Communications Service PCS1900 (1850-1990 MHz); Universal Mobile Telecommunications System UMTS2100 (19202179MHz); Long term evolution LTE2300 (2305-2400MHz) and LTE2500 (2500-2690MHz).
This can be explained by the Heisenberg uncertainty principle which, in terms of signal processing, indicates that it is not possible to find the exact frequency and the exact time when the (sinusoidal) signal components take place.