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QTRQatar Airways (ICAO code)
QTRExact Time (American Radio Relay League - Amateur Handbook)
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QTRQuarter-Tone Recorder (music)
QTRQuinghai Tibet Railway (China)
References in classic literature ?
They heard a shrill whistle in the distance, and in the exact time, so well known to the sportsman, two seconds later-- another, a third, and after the third whistle the hoarse, guttural cry could be heard.
Above all, they said, he was learned in the science of the stars and of what went on yonder in the heavens and the sun and the moon, for he told us of the cris of the sun and moon to exact time.
I came in at half-past two, if you wish to know the exact time.
Now, at midnight - the exact time by my watch - it was as if his shrunken limbs had expanded in his clothes; he seemed hardly to know his own flushed face, as he caught sight of it in my mirror.
The tune, played with precision and in exact time, began to thrill in the hearts of Nicholas and Natasha, arousing in them the same kind of sober mirth as radiated from Anisya Fedorovna's whole being.
But of course I keep a memorandum of the exact time when I started, so that I can put the Court-time back to the very moment
of the bewildered barbarians, in exact time with his springing body
She sprang forward to catch sight of a clock, as if the exact time had some important bearing on her case.
It happened to be a chance coach that I had taken up, which, having been hired on purpose to carry some gentlemen to West Chester who were going for Ireland, was now returning, and did not tie itself to exact times or places as the stages did; so that, having been obliged to lie still on Sunday, he had time to get himself ready to come out, which otherwise he could not have done.
Hindi ko masasabi yung exact time frame nito (I cannot say the exact time frame for this) but we'll do it as fast as we can,' NDRRMC executive director Ricardo Jalad said in an ambush interview in Malacanang.
Timing standard will collect signals of exact time, check and calibrate measuring devices of connection length of mobile operators and other telecommunications companies, and let Kyrgyzstan to provide e-government, transport, energy sector, communication and others with exact time," director of the center Sultan Akhmatov said.
It's suited for use when receiving samples, noting exact time an event occurred, supporting product documentation, providing a standard for other clocks, maintaining ISO 9000 certification and any occasion when knowing the exact time is critical.