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EJEnvironmental Justice (EPA)
EJEconomic Journal
EJElton John (musician)
EJEject (assembly language ASM51 assembler control)
EJEdward Jones (Investing Company; USA, Canada, UK)
EJExpansion Joint (general construction)
EJExajoule (10^18 Joules)
EJEdgerrin James (NFL player)
EJExternal Jugular Vein
EJEmpresa Júnior (Junior Enterprise, Brazil)
EJEddie James (crossword setter for Private Eye Magazine)
EJEmergency Jettison
EJElectronic Journalism (NBC early 70's term describing Minicams; usually called ENG now)
EJElectric Jet (USAF nickname for the F-16 Fighting Falcon)
EJElectronic Jamming
EJEmerald Jungle (Everquest)
EJEscort Jammer
EJEcotourism Japan
EJEarvin Johnson Jr. (baskball player)
EJElectronic Jockey
EJExpendable Jammer
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Wright estimates that human activities tie up between 20 and 30 percent of the potentially available photosynthetically fixed energy in terrestrial ecosystems -- some 650 to 800 exajoules (1 exajoule = [10.
Overall, the study predicts that the annual demand for hydrogen could increase tenfold by 2050 to almost 80 exajoules (EJ) in 2050, meeting 18 per cent of total final energy demand in the 2050 two-degree scenario.
CEM analysis shows that implementation of the ISO 50001 standard across the commercial and industrial sectors globally could drive cumulative energy savings of approximately 62 exajoules by 2030, sparing nearly USD 600 billion in energy costs and avoiding 6 500 million metric tonnes of CO2 emissions.
In 2010, the building sector consumed approximately 117 exajoules (111 quad) or 32% of global final energy consumption, 30% of energy-related carbon dioxide (C[O.
4 exajoules (EJ) of energy (DOE 2011a) compared to 550.
The total solar power absorbed by Earth's atmosphere, landmasses and oceans is almost 3,850,000 exajoules (EJ) per year.