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XCLExtensible Capability Language
XCLArmed Merchant Cruiser (US Navy)
XCLXlib Compatibility Layer
XCLXbox Canadian Live (gaming)
XCLXerox Canada Ltd
XCLXtreme Coil Link
XCLExtreme Class Library
XCLXiaochangliang (China)
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The demonstration brings the program a step closer to fulfilling an urgent request to put Excalibur in soldiers' hands by early 2006.
The EPXA1 Development Kit includes a development board plus a complete set of embedded system tools targeting the Excalibur EPXA1 device, allowing software and hardware development to begin even before a design is committed to a custom PCB.
said, "Born has established a good working relationship with Excalibur providing timely, quality-driven manufacturing capabilities to accommodate our growth.
Telecommunications applications that demand high-performance custom logic combined with a high-performance processor can now also take advantage of an operating system designed specifically for these markets," said Joe Hanson, director of Excalibur applications and marketing at Altera.
com), who participated in the Excalibur workshops last year.
As a founding member of the newly created Excalibur Partner Program, Mentor's Embedded Software Division and Altera have further extended the relationship of the two companies.
Based on the most widely adopted embedded RISC architecture, Altera's Excalibur ARM-based family of embedded processor PLDs provides single chip-integration of a high-performance 200 MHz ARM922T processor core, programmable logic, on-chip memory, and key peripherals.
It is important that we offer our customers seamless access to both reliable and innovative tools in order for them to make the most of the time-to-market advantages our devices inherently offer," said Anna Chiang, director of marketing for Excalibur business unit at Altera.
Subscribers to Altera's latest Quartus(R) II development environment will have access to Excalibur ARM-based bus functional models, simulation models for the embedded processor stripe, and access to the ARM-Lite Development Suite (ADS) of compilers, linkers, debuggers, and assemblers.
Altera's Excalibur products are fundamentally revolutionizing the way embedded systems designers can implement their designs," said Jordan Plofsky, Altera's senior vice president for vertical markets and embedded processor products.
Excel's background of complex AHB-based ASIC design and verification using state-of-the-art tools has direct application in the development of Altera's Excalibur embedded processor solutions, which, by combining logic, memory, and a processor core, allow engineers to integrate an entire system on a PLD.
This combination enables significant development advantages for embedded systems designers using Wind River's latest VxWorks(R) AE RTOS and Altera's Excalibur embedded processor and solutions for system-on- programmable-chip (SOPC) applications.