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Note: I counted more than 350 available Excel add-in apps as of September 2018; more apps may be added.
In the Save As Type dropdown, scroll nearly to the bottom and choose "Excel Add-In."
Excel Add-in for Zendesk has supported custom fields for certain Zendesk objects
Now the new versions of Devart Excel add-ins are even more powerful and useful together with fresh Microsoft Excel 2019 features such as new formulas, new charts, the ability to publish from Excel to Power BI and enhancements for PowerPivot and PowerQuery.
In the Manage dropdown, make sure "Excel Add-ins" is selected, then click the Go button to open the Add-Ins dialog.
This tool is a dashboard that is free forming with drag and drop capability, incorporating data and visuals from the other Excel add-ins. Power View provides the user with an interactive visual display connecting multiple datasets, bringing the relevant data points to the forefront.
* Silk (silk.co), a data publishing platform that allows anyone "to explore data and create beautiful interactive charts, maps and web pages," maintains a database of Excel add-ins (excel-add-ins.silk.co).
Like most traditional statistical packages, forecasting software is typically more expensive than Excel, but it offers additional forecasting techniques than Excel add-ins. Having some level of familiarity with statistics will help users tweak models, but users can also choose to have the software identify the model and forecast based on the data entered (as some statistical software does).
The third updated edition of John Walkenbach's MICROSOFT EXCEL VBA PROGRAMMING FOR DUMMIES (9781118490372, $29.99) explores VBA programming and customizing aspects of Excel, and provides a coverage of programming concepts and steps to using macros, Excel add-ins, and more.
Select "Excel Add-ins" in the Manage box and click the "Go" button.