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ELEnglish Language
ELEducation Level
ELExternal Links (OSPF)
ELEntry Level
ELGreek (ISO standard two letter language code for Greek)
ELEducational Leadership
ELEast Lansing (Michigan)
ELElectric Light
ELEnergy Level
ELEmeril Lagasse
ELEmergency Lighting
ELEnterprise Linux
ELEngineering Laboratory
ELExecutive Level (government employee heirarchy; Australia)
ELExposure Limits
ELEnglish Learner
ELExpected Loss
ELExposure Level
ELEnvironmental Laboratory
ELElektricitet (Danish: Electricity)
ELExpression Language
ELElevated Train (Chicago)
ELElastic Limit (tensile testing)
ELEdit Links (Internet)
ELElymian (linguistics)
ELEquilibrium Level
ELEssential Links (website)
ELEnvironmental Liabilities
ELEmergency Leave
ELEuropean Lotteries
ELElevated Line (elevated subway operated by Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority)
ELException List
ELEndolaser (vitreoretinal surgery))
ELEpiscopal Life (magazine)
ELErase Line
ELEnhancement Layer
ELEntertainment Links (Internet)
ELEncounter Level (Dungeons & Dragons gaming)
ELEnhanced Latency
ELElectrical Load
ELExclusive Lock
ELElevation Limit
ELExcursion Limit (OSHA)
ELExpansion Loop
ELEnterprise Links (Internet)
ELElectronic Links (Internet)
ELExploration Lease (mineral exploration)
ELEmergency Limit
ELEngineering Letters
ELEarnings Level
ELElectric Logs (Oil Industry Old Term)
ELEdge Lift (of a contact lens)
ELEntrepreneurial Leave
ELErie Lackawanna Railway Company
ELElectric Start-Long Shaft (boat motors)
ELEddy Loss
ELEnforcement Layer
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While the exception list enabled the necessary access, its use posed different--and significant--administrative burdens.
However, the company's ability to do both stodgy and avant garde publications (with a documented exception list for each extreme) won them publishing-only contracts that made the company some money.
These differences find their root in the fact that the exception listed in Article 5(3)(h) of the InfoSoc Directive is optional and that those Member States which have decided to implement it have arguably failed to reflect the exact scope of the Directive in their national law.
DIRBS will provide updated 'Black Lists', 'Exception Lists' and 'Notification Lists' to the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) at regular intervals.
For debt instruments, the only applicable exception listed is Sec.
In his report to tomorrow's Vale planning Committee, Rob Quick, director of environment and economic regeneration says: "The proposal offers a number of benefits, not least of which is he reuse and renovation of an exception listed building, securing its long term future."
* Lets users choose what not to copy via exception lists
Because Y is age 55 or older and has met the plan's early retirement requirements, Y is not subject to the early distributions tax under the first exception listed above.
With regard to the exception listed in item 1, Becker meets the eligibility requirements for electing S status because: 1.