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EDAElectronic Design Automation
EDAEconomic Development Administration
EDAEconomic Development Authority
EDAEvent-Driven Architecture
EDAEuropean Defence Agency
EDAExploratory Data Analysis
EDAEnterprise Digital Assistant (Motorola)
EDAEngineering Design and Automation
EDAEducazione Degli Adulti (Italian: Adult Education)
EDAElectoral District Association (Canada)
EDAEvent Driven Architecture
EDAEvent Driven Application
EDAElectronic Design Applications
EDAEasy Directory Access
EDAÉglise d'Asie (French: Asian Church)
EDAÉcole des Avocats (French: Law School)
EDAEntrée des Artistes (French: Artists' Entrance)
EDAÉconomat des Armées (French: Commissary of the Army)
EDAExperimental Design Analysis (scientific method)
EDAEating Disorders Association (UK)
EDAEuropean Dairy Association
EDAEating Disorders Anonymous
EDAElectronic Document Access
EDAElection Defense Alliance (Culver City, CA)
EDAEnvironnement et Développement Alternatif (French: Environment and Alternative Development)
EDAEuropean Demolition Association
EDAEnvironmental Destruction Agency (government reference)
EDAÉcole de Danse Aubagnaise (French dance school)
EDAÉducation et Apprentissage (French: Education and Learning)
EDAEuropean Dyslexia Association
EDAEconomic Development America
EDAEnterprise Data Access
EDAEasy Data Access (computing)
EDAElectricity Distributors Association
EDAEnterprise Desktop Alliance (consortium)
EDAEnhanced Directory Assistance
EDAExcess Defense Article(s)
EDAElevation Drive Assembly (US NASA)
EDAEngineering Design Activities (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor project)
EDAEconomically Disadvantaged Area
EDAEctodysplasin A
EDAElectronic Data Access
EDAEgyptian Dental Association
EDAElectronic Directory Assistance
EDAEngineering Design & Analysis, Ltd. (Canada)
EDAExotic Dancers Alliance
EDAEss Dee Aluminium (India)
EDAEuropean Door Association (France)
EDAEstimated Date of Arrival
EDAEscape Defect Analysis
EDAEmbedded Document Architecture
EDAHarvard Election Data Archive
EDAExecutive Development Associates, Inc (Oklahoma City, OK)
EDAEntrepôts de Données et l'Analyse (French: data warehouses and analysis)
EDAEctodermal Dysplasia, Anhidrotic
EDAElectronic Display Assembly
EDAEducational Development Association (UK)
EDAÉlectricité Dépannage Auto (French: Auto Electrical Repairs)
EDAEnglish Draughts Association
EDAÉquipe Diocésaine d'Animation (French: Diocesan Animation Team)
EDAEarly Development Activity Center (Sony Education Foundation; Japan)
EDAEmployment Directed Activity (New Jersey)
EDAEmergency Declaration Area
EDAExistential Death Anxiety (psychology)
EDAEthylidene Diacetate
EDAExternal Data Access
EDAElectronic Design Architecture
EDAElectrochemical Design Associates
EDAElectronic Differential Analyzer
EDAEconomic Decision Analysis
EDAEarly Development Association (Tokyo, Japan)
EDAEsquadrão de Demonstrações Aéreas (Brazilian Air Force air show squadron, also known as Esquadrilha da Fumaça)
EDAEconomie Dinamiche Asiatiche (Italian: Dynamic Asian Economies)
EDAEarly Departure Authorized
EDAElectric Dipole Antenna
EDAElectronic Digital Analyzer
EDAEspace Dance Alès (French dance company)
EDAEducational Development Associates, LLC
EDAEthernet Device Adapter
EDAEmergency Distance Available (aircraft performance)
EDAEstimated Date of Award
EDAExternal Device Access (Nortel)
EDAExtended Dynamic Allocation (3GPP)
EDAEight Doctor Adventure (BBC)
EDAEmergency Dissemination Authority
EDAElectronic Dialogue Archive (Mendocino Unified School District)
EDAEnvironmental Decision Aid
EDAExtended Data Architecture
EDAEuropean Desalination Association
EDAEstimated Date of Availability
EDAEquipment Design Agent
EDAElectronic and Domestic Appliances (Belgium)
EDAExplosive Dish Assembly
EDAElectric Drive Assembly
EDAEd DuPont & Associates
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The EAF operates ten SH-2G(E) Super Seasprite helicopters upgraded in 2009 under a modernisation programme, with a further seven SH-2G helicopters being acquired from NAVAIR under the Excess Defense Article (EDA) programme.
The 77 APCs were acquired by the AFP from the US government through the Excess Defense Article (EDA) Program, the US Embassy in Manila confirmed yesterday.
has provided military and defense technical assistance and training to Bahrain from Foreign Military Sales (FMS), commercial sources, and excess defense article sales (EDA), and under the International Military and Education Training (IMET) program.
78) Excess Defense Article sales use FMS procedures identified in the SAMM and are processed using formal contracts or agreements between the U.
The first shipment of 114 M113A2 Armed Personnel Carriers that will be transferred from the United States government to the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) via the Excess Defense Article (EDA) Program have arrived at Subic Bay yesterday evening, December 9, 2015.
Pakistan will use reprogrammed funds to purchase the Mid-Life Update kits to upgrade the Excess Defense Article F-16s delivered over the last two and a half years.
Army stocks that will be provided to the Philippines as Excess Defense Article (EDA) grant by the U.
The Army purchased the armored carriers from the United States as an Excess Defense Article to enhance anti-insurgency operations and were delivered in batches in December 2015.
Army stocks that will be rendered to the Philippines as Excess Defense Article (EDA) grant by the U.
The 114 M113 APCs were given by the United States to the Philippine military as excess defense articles late last year under the Excess Defense Article program.
The armored carriers, which arrived in batches last December, were acquired from the United States as an Excess Defense Article.
The United States has pledged to deliver 114 M113A2 APCs to the Philippines under the Excess Defense Article Program.