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EFVEfavirenz (pharmaceutical drug)
EFVExpeditionary Fighting Vehicle
EFVEntente Football Villages (French: Football Village Agreement)
EFVExcess Flow Valve
EFVÉcoles Françaises de Voile (French: French Sailing School)
EFVElectronic Viewfinder
EFVEspace Familial de Vie (French: Family Life Space)
EFVÉcole Française de Vilnius (French: French School of Vilnius; Vilnius, Lithuania)
EFVEnhanced Fixed Variable (rate)
EFVElectric-Field-Variant Function
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The gas distribution industry has no problems, apparently, with the objectives of a PHMSA proposed rule on excess flow valves.
As noted, each and every excess flow valve is tested on a computer-controlled, calibrated test system and is serialized and date coded, creating a permanent record for that particular product.
Cummings cited the July-published final rule on state excavation damage programs and a same-month proposed rule on excess flow valves as an indication the agency was on the job.
They cover protecting steel pipelines from permanent ground deformation using expanded polystyrene geofoam, internal pipe lining as a mitigation tool, system modeling for seismic events, managing pipeline integrity, and seismic gas shutoff valves and excess flow valves.
Just to name a few, there are ball valves, diaphragm and bellows valves, as well as check valves, excess flow valves, fine metering, gate, multi-port, needle, plug, relief, rising plug, and safety valves.
Analysis of Residential Excess Flow Valves for Fuel-Gas Piping Systems, Prepared for GAMA--An Association of Equipment and Appliance Manufacturers, Doc.
Interfaces for both Elfab's unique Flo-Tel[R] magnetic burst-sensing system and excess flow valves are incorporated into the holders.
That project was followed by a similar problem with a fuel check valve for a diesel engine manufacturer, which the company successfully solved and which further laid the groundwork for what is today Canyon's industrial Power Products Group that includes the gas admission and diesel fuel check valves, as well as excess flow valves, pressure-compensated flow controls, flow divider manifolds and check valves.
The gas distribution industry apparently has no problem with the objectives of the PHMSA-proposed rule on excess flow valves, but they have decided problems with how some objectives may be implemented.
The PHMSA announced the start of a rulemaking designed to determine whether it should expand its requirement on distribution pipelines to install excess flow valves (EFVs).
Tenders are invited for Construction of 2", 4" and 6" IPS PE 2406, SDR 11 natural gas distribution pipe to replace cast iron pipe by open trench construction, along with horizontal directional bored crossings, 3/4" IPS PE 2406, SDR 11 service installations with excess flow valves and appurtenances, transfer of services from abandoned cast iron system to new IPS PE 2406 distribution system, with proposed cast iron abandonment lengths of approx.
The bill uses identical language with regard to any PHMSA rule requiring distribution pipelines to install excess flow valves (EFVs) on lines serving apartment buildings, commercial and industrial facilities.