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EFPExplosively Formed Projectile
EFPElectronic Field Production
EFPElongation Factor P (protein)
EFPEuropéenne de Formation Professionnelle (French: European Vocational Training)
EFPEuropean Federation of Periodontology
EFPElectric Fuel Pump
EFPExtremely Small Flat Package
EFPExplosively Formed Penetrator
EFPExempted Fishing Permit
EFPEnvironmental Farm Planning (Canada)
EFPExempted Fishing Permits
EFPEuropean Firearms Pass (EU)
EFPÉlectro Fil Précision (French: Precision Electrical Wire)
EFPÉcole Française de Papeterie (French: French School of Stationery; now International School of Paper, Print Media and Biomaterials)
EFPÉcole Française de Parachutisme (French: French Parachute School)
EFPEducational Facilities Professional (Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers)
EFPExchange For Physicals (commodity futures trading term)
EFPEnvironmentally Friendly Product
EFPEmergency Fire Pump (ships)
EFPExperimental Fishing Program
EFPExhibition Fiber Paper (Epson)
EFPExchange of Futures for Physical
EFPEducators for Peace
EFPÉcole Française de Poker (French: French Poker School)
EFPEducation Finance Partners (student loan provider)
EFPEscape from Pong (freeware NES game)
EFPEconomic and Fiscal Program
EFPElectronic Film Production
EFPEmergency Feed Program
EFPEuropäische Föderalistische Partei (European Federal Party)
EFPEast Freeport (Everquest)
EFPEnterprise Federation Partner (AIM program)
EFPExplosive Force Penetrator (US DoD)
EFPExtruded Fantasy Product (derogatory, speculative fiction fan slang)
EFPEnhanced Forestry Program (forest industry)
EFPElectricity Finance and Pricing (DOE, NEMS)
EFPEvoked Field Potential
EFPEquivalent Fare Paid (airlines)
EFPEthernet Flow Point
EFPEcole Fédérale de Pilotage (French)
EFPExplorations Fonctionelles Physiologiques (French: Physiological Functional Explorations)
EFPEquipment Funded Project
EFPEnseignement et Formation Professionnelle (French: Education and Vocational Training)
EFPEarth Facing Panels
EFPÉcoulements Fluides Particules (French: Fluid Flows Particles)
EFPEnhanced Family Practice (medical group practice)
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In addition, alternative forms of portfolio trading exist, including Exchange for Physicals. Exchange stock Portfolios and Market Basket Securities, new methods of portfolio trading pending approval, are expected to debut soon at the New York Stock Exchange and Chicago Board Options Exchange.
Another portfolio trading mechanism that has been in use for some time during off-exchange hours is the Exchange for Physicals market.