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EVSEnvironmental Services (Florida)
EVSEuropean Voluntary Service
EVSEnterprise Value to Sales
EVSElectronic Variable Speed (machine feature)
EVSEnvironmental Science
EVSenvironmental studies
EVSEnhanced Vision System
EVSElectronic Vaulting Services
EVSEvent Services
EVSEnhanced Voice Services
EVSExchange Virtual Server
EVSElectric Vehicle Symposium
EVSÉtablissement et Vie Scolaire (French: Establishment and School Life)
EVSEuropean Values Study
EVSElectronic Verification System
EVSExchange Virtual Server (Microsoft)
EVSEar Voice Span
EVSExtreme Voltage Shutdown
EVSEmployé de Vie Scolaire (French: Employee of School Life)
EVSÉclairage Vidéo Son (French: Video Lighting Sound)
EVSEuropean Valuation Standards
EVSEnumeration Verification System
EVSEmpty Vagina Syndrome
EVSEmployee Verification System (various organizations)
EVSExtravehicular Suit (space exploration)
EVSElectro-Optical Viewing System
EVSEquipment Visibility System
EVSExtreme Video Solutions, LLC (video conferencing; Scottsdale, AZ)
EVSEastern Vascular Society
EVSEconomic and Valuation Services (KPMG)
EVSEconomic Value Sourced
EVSEndoscopic Variceal Sclerotherapy
EVSEvolution Synthesis
EVSEuropean Venture Summit
EVSEnhanced VERDIN System
EVSElectronic Voice Switching
EVSEnhanced Voltage Stress
EVSExclusive Viewing Show
EVSEmergency Vehicle Services, Inc (Belding, Michigan)
EVSEngine Valve Springs
EVSEuregio Verkehrschienennetz GmbH
EVSEmployer Verification Service
EVSElectronic Visualization System
EVSEntertainment Vision Sensor (Sony)
EVSEastern Video Systems, Inc
EVSExact Visible Set
EVSElectronic Visibility Study
EVSExpected Value Score
EVSEntertainment Video Solutions (China Limited)
EVSEmbedded Vehicle System (Fieldworks)
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The Exchange Virtual Server can then be failed from the active to the passive node in case of a server hardware failure.