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These revenues will also reduce the Exchequer Borrowing Requirement and subsequently reduce Irelands debt ratio by almost 1% of GDP in 2016.
The outturn for the Exchequer Borrowing Requirement (EBR) in 1991 amounted to Ir 501 [pounds] million (2.
A target was adopted to reduce the Exchequer borrowing requirement (EBR) by between 6 and 8 percentage points of GNP in three years.
Following the sharp fall in the underlying Exchequer Borrowing Requirement (EBR) in per cent of GNP in 1988, further progress was made in 1989, the EBR falling to 2.
The stance of fiscal policy continues to be moderately restrictive; a further small reduction in the Exchequer borrowing requirement is likely in 1990, to about 2 per cent of GNP.
The outturn for the Exchequer borrowing requirement in 1989 was 2 1/2 per cent of GNP, already below the original medium-term target (3 per cent) set for 1993 in the National Development Plan announced in 1989.
The ratio of the Exchequer borrowing requirement to GNP fell markedly (by 6.