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Prior to that, Singh served as CFO at Clearwell Systems and Warranty Corporation of America and in key executive roles at Trimble Navigation, Excite@Home, 3Com, and Ernst & Young LLP.
He has also served in CFO positions at Excite@Home, Sybase, Cypress Semiconductor and VLSI Technology.
He has also had finance positions at Excite@Home, Mars Inc., Intel Corp., and Nissan Motor Corp.
Having an affiliated ISP proved to be of little value, as demonstrated by the case of Excite@Home, the affiliated ISP of broadband cable network owners AT&T, Comcast, and Cox.
But when Excite@Home went out of business last year, reporters at found themselves covering a deadline story about more than technology -- it was about the complex and confusing relationship between @Home and its owner, AT&T.
It has not been an easy road, especially the last five years, which proved investment in Internet properties, including Excite@Home, to be costly mistakes.
(Of course, AT&T doesn't always compete successfully, as demonstrated by its huge stake in the floundering cable-modem system Excite@Home, which has been teetering on the verge of bankruptcy for most of this year.)
50.08 0:43:53 [] Microsoft 24.98 0:04:34 [] Walt Disney Internet 19.92 0:15:29 Group [] Google 15.20 0:09:32 [] Lycos Network 14.80 0:07:16 [] Excite@Home 14.36 0:17:38 [] eBay 13.17 0:45:41 [] About-Primedia 11.81 0:06:05 Unique Audience (in millions) AOL Time Warner 21.3 MSN 18.8 Yahoo 17.4 Microsoft 8.6 Walt Disney Internet Group 6.9 Google 5.2 Lycos Network 5.1 Excite@Home 4.9 eBay 4.5 About-Primedia 4.1 Source: Nielsen/NetRatings Note: Table made from bar graph Deals & Dollars by Infrastructure Sector Infrastructure Dollars Deals Ebusiness Enablement $285,000,000 10 Wireless Internet $86,000,000 4 Content Management $57,000,000 6 Other $204,000,000 19 Total $632,000,000 39 Source:
THE British arm of Excite has been left stranded after the US parent company Excite@home went bust.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-1 October 2001-AT&T to purchase Excite@Home's broadband access business (C)1994-2001 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
The latest shock was an announcement that Excite@Home, the largest provider of high-speed cable Internet access in the country, was in danger of going out of business.
Favorite Deal: "Starting up VLSI -- creating a real company from a business plan was a fantastic opportunity -- and then virtually doing the same thing initially with @Home, which became Excite@Home, as we helped create broadband Internet and were early in the gestation of the Internet industry.