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The bench ruled that the exclusive bus lane on the Moolchand- Ambedkar Nagar stretch would continue with buses plying in the middle.
Others will be used to construct an exclusive bus lane. Deadline: July 4, 2006.
In Brazil, Curitiba's success story is one of a mayor who was able to commandeer street space for exclusive bus lane corridors (in a relatively poor city with low car ownership), and then line those corridors with high-density development in order to prevent the sprawl of shantytowns into the surrounding countryside.
Provided there's no repeat of yesterday's glitch, it will mean commuters cruising along an exclusive bus lane.
Planners figure that as little as 50 percent of the route could be made into an exclusive bus lane.
The city, however, said its operation of exclusive bus lanes has been effective, given the increase in the number of cars and protests.
Vedagiri, "Microsimulation study of the effect of exclusive bus lanes on heterogeneous traffic flow," Journal of Urban Planning and Development, vol.
- Identify bottlenecks through traffic simulation analysis & the introduction of solutions such as exclusive bus lanes and no parking zones