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EOTEnd of Time
EOTEnd Of Transmission
EOTEnd of Text
EOTExecutive Office of Transportation (Massachusetts)
EOTEducation, Outreach, and Training
EOTEnd of Tenancy
EOTEquivalence of Technology
EOTEnd Of Tape
EOTEngine Order Telegraph (ship communication device)
EOTEmbedding Open Type
EOTEnd of Transfer
EOTEnd of Tutorial
EOTEthernet over Transport
EOTEnhanced Object Track
EOTEquivalent Oxide Thickness
EOTExtension of Time (contracts)
EOTEnhanced Object Tracking (software)
EOTEnd of Terrace (UK real estate)
EOTEnd of Treatment
EOTEnd of Thread
EOTEmbedded Open Type
EOTEquation of Time (watch website)
EOTEnd Of Transaction
EOTEnd of Term
EOTEnd Of Table
EOTEnd of Track
EOTEngine Oil Temperature
EOTEnd of Test
EOTEffective Oxide Thickness
EOTEnd of Turn (gaming)
EOTEnd of Train Device
EOTEmergency Operations Team
EOTEnd Of Tour
EOTEllinikos Organismos Tourismou
EOTExtraordinary Optical Transmission
EOTEnd of Travel (switch/actuator/sensor)
EOTElectric Overhead Traveling (Crane)
EOTEnd of Task
EOTEnd of Training
EOTElectrical Oxide Thickness
EOTEarly Orbit Test
EOTEqual Opportunity & Treatment
EOTEssential Oil Therapist
EOTEvery Other Tuesday (band)
EOTEnd of TSDU mark (ITU-T)
EOTEnd Office Toll (LSSGR)
EOTEnd of Tubing
EOTEnd of Talk
EOTElement on Time
EOTEthernet/Optical Transceiver
EOTÉchelon Opérationnel des Transports (French: Transport Operational Level)
EOTEmployment and Operational Training
EOTEyes on Target (gaming)
EOTExperience over Time
EOTEarth-Observed Time
EOTEngineering & Operations Training
EOTEstablish, Operate, and Transfer
EOTEnd Office Trunks
EOTExpress Offshore Transport Pte Ltd
EOTElectro-Optical Technology
EOTEvidence of Trauma
EOTElectricians of Texas (Austin, TX)
EOTExplosive Ordnance Team
EOTElectrically-Operated Overhead Travelling Crane (construction industry)
EOTExclusive of Tax
EOTEnvoys of Time
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According to that report, auditors found that the Massachusetts Executive Office of Transportation and Public Works, MassDOT's name until 2009, overstated annual cost savings projections of $5.
The Route 3 project is being closely watched, according to Jon Carlisle, spokesperson for the Executive Office of Transportation and Construction (EOTC), a state transportation agency separate from MassHighways.
O'Brien said his administration continues to work with CSX and the state Executive Office of Transportation and Public Works to deal with city and resident concerns about the project.
WESTBORO - The state Executive Office of Transportation will hold a public hearing this morning on a proposal to build a solar farm on a Milk Street parcel that abuts the CSX railroad tracks.
Adam Hurtubise, spokesman for the Executive Office of Transportation, said the registrar was not invited to yesterday's hearing.
The Massachusetts sections are being managed by the state Department of Conservation and Recreation, and the Massachusetts Highway Department with the state Executive Office of Transportation.
Mullan, who was a key member of the state's negotiating team as undersecretary of the Executive Office of Transportation.
Environmental advocates and public health advocates have asked for this for a while," said Colin Durrant, spokesman for the MBTA and the Executive Office of Transportation.
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