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An executive summary is typically the first two pages of a business plan.
ExecutivePlan announced its new Free Venture Capital Executive Summary Template, as well as, the new executive summary quiz.
According to the EPA's executive summary, the recycling rates by packaging category for 2005 were:
An executive summary of Fraudulent Financial Reporting: 1987-1997 is available at www.
An executive summary that states the benefits of your solution strongly and ties them clearly to the customer's needs
A proposal body that backs up the claims of the executive summary crisply and without technobabble
The executive summary is designed to capture summary information about the appraisal and a series of key ratios are designed to summarize the valuation assumptions and conclusions.
This property was purposely made to look questionable to illustrate the benefits of capturing the data for the executive summary.
The executive summary is a synopsis of your company's history, objectives, financial status, management and marketing structure.
To increase your odds of winning, this article recommends how to produce a winning executive summary.
The new ExecutivePlan Service includes a review of your executive summary by one of their expert staff.
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